Weekly Sketch Up – 11.16.2012

Beaver Blues by Skottie Young

Sweet Tooth by Fiona Staples

Jonah Hex by Evan “Doc” Shaner

Walter Sobchak by Tom Fowler (available for sale, for charity!)

Venom by Robert Atkins

Little Gotham Thanksgiving by Dustin Nguyen

Cable by Andy MacDonald

Mos Eisley Cantina by Andy MacDonald


  1. I really want that portrait of Walter. Is it actually for sale? For charity? While I’m at it I’ll take the rest of ’em too. These are all nice pieces.

  2. Do you think Cable wears some sort of brace for back support?

  3. Anyone else remembers the G.I. Joe action figures we used to have in the early 90’s? Well that Cable sketch reminded me of that with the huge guns and back-packs with buttons which when pressed made awful low-fi noises! 😉

  4. In the cantina, so far I spot: men in black, district 9, alf, pan’s labyrinth, E.T., the Simpsons, mass effect, futurama, and thankskilling. That’s not even half of the players. Any help with the rest?

  5. All lovely, digging the Cantina scene, but Staples’ Sweet Tooth takes it for me this week. Jeff was posting a bunch of Sweet Tooth sketches on twitter yesterday, all wonderful, nice to see that this one made the cut.

  6. That Fiona Staples sketch just reminded me — did anyone notice what looked like a grown-up Sweet Tooth with half his face blown off in Saga #7?

    Now I’m convinced it was on purpose.

  7. How you were able to resist picking everything Tom Fowler has done this week I’ll never know. Beautiful Spider-man pieces.

  8. Sweet Tooth sitting atop the giving tree is really nice.

  9. Skottie Young’s work is so good. He’s got such a distinct style and nothing he does is ever stale or static.

  10. For the Fiona Staples’ Sweet Tooth, can anyone pick out who the reflection is in the background? Can we get a Big Lebowski sketch every week, please?

  11. All good stuff. For me, it’s a toss-up between Staples’ Sweet Tooth and MacDonald’s Cantina.

  12. Mos Eisley and Walter are phenomenal. just fantastic.

  13. lol at Introspective E.T. in the middle of the bar.