Weekly Sketch Up – 04.20.2012

Dr. Zaius by Gabriel Hardman


Zombie Jester by Tony Moore


Garrus Vakarian by Selena Goulding


Man Thing by Jerome Opeña


Harry Potter by Evan “Doc” Shaner & Jordie Bellaire


Green Arrow by Jock


He-Man by Mike Hawkthorne


Calvin & Hobbes by Sean Murphy


Mr & Mrs. Draper by Phil Noto


  1. Wow is an understatement.

  2. Love them all but especially the Tony Moore and the Phil Noto ones.

  3. There needs to be a Weekly Sketchup – Gabriel Hardman Edition.

  4. Oh Jock, Is there anything you can’t do?

  5. Zou bisou bisou, amiright?

  6. the calvin and hobbes sketch by murphy is just awesome. although jock’s green arrow is also great. nice sketches this week 😉

  7. Really strong week. Love Noto’s as usual, really digging Jock’s Green Arrow. Sean Murphy’s Calvin and Hobbes takes the cake for me this week.

    Also, Tony Moore’s work is just so delightfully strange. Does anyone know if he’s ever done any writing? I’d love to see a book that he drew and wrote just to see what he came up with.

  8. Great roundup as usual, especially Moore’s piece. Moreso after i read on his twitter feed that the jester is doing the Safety Dance. And that Calvin and Hobbes, wow! Makes me want to read some of my old collected editions.

  9. Very nice! Calvin and Hobbes by Sean Murphy is my favorite, tells a story with one image…. Phil Noto is talented and a fan favorite, but does anyone else besides me think he’s a little overrated?

    • nope. phil noto is the man.

      check out don’s eyes. that’s the exact expression you see on the show when there are a million unsaid thoughts and emotion. that’s tough to convey in a sketch when there’s no context.


      No, you’re in a minority on that. He’s great.

    • I have to agree Noto is top class.

      Sorry dude, you’re wrong!

    • What do you mean by overrated? Do you mean that a lot of people seem to like his work when it’s posted here?

      He’s underrated, and hardly a fan favorite for a dude with that much unique talent.

    • @mark.The way that face is captured is what impressed me. Hamm makes that face on the show a lot, and I realize that I don’t know how to make it. My face doesn’t do that. When I try to make that face, I do the opposite. Noto nailed that.

    • @MisterShaw…


      Thanks for making me laugh out loud in my cube.

    • i like Noto’s style a lot. I guess its not for everyone. I’ve always appreciated his razor thin lines and contrast. Its got a very graphic quality that i dig.

      The way i look at the “overrated” label is how i look at Ranch Dressing. Its quite popular, but i think its the single most disgusting thing that humanity has ever put in a bottle and sold as a condiment…but i’d be foolish to call something that popular “overrated” just because it makes me barf. =)

    • I could not disagree more, Noto’s art is amazing

      I have yet to see something of his that falls flat or is underwhelming. He takes the ordinary and makes it look extraordinary. T o say I’m a fan is an understatement, I’m a super-fan.

      Keep up the good work Mr. Noto!

    • josh, you and i are of the same mind on this. good job us. hamm’s face does this weird mixture of what i think is contempt, pity, bitter resignation, rage, confusion, and probably a few other things i’m forgetting. and he basically does it all with his eyes and the immediate area around his areas. somehow, noto got all that — or at the very least elicited that reaction from me — with a handful of lines.

      i’ve been trying to imagine what “when i try to make that face, i do the opposite” looks like. so far, i can’t picture whatever that is. i have to conclude that i’m just not that creative.

    • Well, I don’t think I’ve ever read an issue by Noto, I’ve seen heaps of lame Deadpool covers. Maybe that’s what SuperMoore meant

    • Hahahahaha!!! Yup, great talent can’t be over-rated, Infinite Horizon is quality Noto. And after reading the previous comments I guessed right on my 1st comment, who are the Drapers? I said Madmen, I don’t even watch the show, I know its amazing and I probably should but don’t care (Its on Netflix,I’ll get to it), but that shows you he’s on the $, I didn’t know who they were.

  10. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Fantastic week (but then again, aren’t they all?). Hardman, Opeña and Murphy (really spot on C&H!) are my fave.

    And today I am particularly sketch-happy because I just received in the mail my beloved Don Perlin Valkyrie/Nighthawk commission.

  11. Creepiest zombie ever? Yep, thats truth in advertising. Yikes!

  12. I would buy an Opena Man Thing comic in a second.

  13. I miss Calvin and Hobbes so much. My all time favorite comic strip.

  14. Great work from Noto & Opena!

  15. I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Sketchup on iFanboy.

    (also I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite overused joke in gaming culture)

  16. That Garrus makes me want to go home and play Mass Effect.

  17. Phil Noto’s piece has a Peter Chung/Aeon Flux vibe I’ve not seen in his work before. I seriously dig it.

  18. Zombie Jester is what Mr. Moore is using to combat against Walking Dead. I’m sure he’ll sell millions!

  19. Is it a sin to covet they neighbour’s Calvin & Hobbes sketch? Because if it is I am in real trouble.

  20. Really strong week. I have to say I love ’em all. But Noto wins again for sentimental reasons.

  21. full disclosure time: there was this episode of muppet babies i watched way back in the day that had them singing “dr. zaius” to the song “rock me amadeus.” (“dr. zai-us! dr. zai-us!”) it has since been impossible for me to disassociate these two very different things. and now i have them stuck in my head. thanks.

    • Whoa whoa whoa.

      Don’t you mean The Simpsons? I don’t recall Muppet Babies doing that. (I should know, I write the Muppet Babies wiki!)

    • oh snap! you are right. it is the simpsons….

      there is a muppet babies bit involving rock me amadeus though, right? i recall it has rolf dressed as mozart. i hope i’m not making that up.

  22. I need a Masters of the Universe comic!!

  23. I love Don and Megan. Hopefully, Noto can sketch fat Betty for next week

  24. I F’n love Opena and want that Man-Thing Omnibus coming out with his cover art on it, if I remember correctly its him and that sketch might even be it uncolored.

  25. Also, Mass Effect is awesome and wish I had time to just sit and play all 3 games with all the dlc in a row and take up 20GB of HD space, Mass Effect is a solid game. Last game I got really deep into was Fallout 3 and all the add ons which is also a real time action/rpg strategy mix. Love to see a nice figure or statue of the brotherhood of steel armor.

  26. NICE! Though i have never really got into Harry Potter the art is very nice.

  27. Aced it again, Josh. Every time I see one of these articles I give thanks that such gifted artists choose to work in comics – we’re very lucky. That piece by Jock is amazing.

  28. Is that the midget jester from the Men Without Hats – Safety Dance music video?

  29. That might be the best line up of “weekly sketchup” …. um sketchups.. I have seen.

  30. I pick the Zombie Jester with his bloated crotch.