Weekly Sketch Up – 04.05.2013

Wolverine by Joe Mulvey

shehulk_StefanTosheffShe-Hulk by Stefan Tosheff


Captains of Congress Avenue by Andy Hunter


Deadpool by Jeremy Dale

BUBBLES_gregsmallwoodBubbles by Greg Smallwood


Paper Mad Men by Eddie Nieves



Moon Knight by Rafael Albuquerque



Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde vs. Rhino by Gabriel Hardman


  1. That Moon Knight rocks! This sweet sketch looks like it was pulled right out of the back pages of the old Hulk Magazine.

  2. That Moon Knight sketch really puts you in the moment.

  3. I love that Wolverine

  4. Moon Knight for the win.

  5. Mickey Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    still seeing two Batmen facing each other every time I see a Wolverine pic

    • Oh, man!! Two Batmen…
      You’ve ruined Wolverine for me… FOREVER!!!

    • Ha, I see that now but it just made me picture Wolverine and Batman squaring off, that’s a damn good match up I don’t think I’ve ever seen em do? That’s also one of the best ways to draw his claws from that angle, probably my favorite style.

  6. I really love that Deadpool, absolutely amazing! The action in the Spider-man is great too…gotta look Gabriel Hardman and Jeremy Dale up

  7. This is one great weekly sketch up! Am the only one who would watch the hell out of Paper Mad Men?

  8. Ah yes, The Wire. What a great show. I liked Bubbles, Omar Little my fave though.

  9. Love that Wolverine.

    The captains sketch is pretty sweet. Damn right, Picard’s up front. Archer’s dog is a nice touch.

    There’s something very wrong about a Disney Mad Men.

  10. I’ve seen that look before Jon Hamm. This is a Disney movie, sir.

  11. gabriel hardman continues to impress me with his work, that spidey and kitty vs. rhino is brimming with kinetic energy.

  12. She Hulk, not that’s a woman!! Those child-bearing hips really rev my motor!

  13. I have always been a big fan of Moon Knight. What a great week!

  14. Moon Knight and Spider-Man/Kitty Pryde/Rhino are my faves here, Albuquerque and Hardman are always welcome in my books.