Weekly Sketch Up – 03.11.2011

Sprite and Lockheed by Alex Robinson



Plastic Man by Dave Johnson



Rocketeer by Dave Wachter



The Shadow by Mike Hawthorne



Captain American by Doc Shaner


Conan by Eric Canete



Batman by Nic Klein



Batman vs. Grodd by Gabriel Hardman



Batman vs. Wonder Woman by Phil Noto



Plastic Man by Francesco Francavilla


  1. JesTr JesTr says:

    Wow Nic Klein’s Batman is awesome!

  2. JamesSeals JamesSeals says:

    I love that Captain America shot. Great, emotive work there. 


  3. WeaklyRoll WeaklyRoll says:

    There is a lot of winning here, and I like that!

  4. tschafer tschafer says:

    Amazon women……All they want Snue-Snue

  5. Gerry Lopez nudebuddha says:

    That might be the sexiest Wonder Woman ever.

  6. Regarding the Nic Klein one: Now that’s a Batman.

  7. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    I would like that Shadow. It is AMAZING!

  8. OnASunday OnASunday says:

    Batman looks so scared of Wonder Woman. She’s like Superman. No mortal could survive sex with a god. Not even Batman.

  9. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    Confession: That Batman/WW sketch gave me a semi

  10. mattfox7669 says:

    The Shadow sketch is awesooooooome. I can only hope we see him again in comics

  11. @mattfox7669  -agreed. I love the character. I hope someone can navigate through the legal crap and get him a quality book again. 

    great sketches here as usual. 

  12. I’m in favor for more Plastic Man sketches. Especially after seeing two great artists do him.

    The one by Francavilla in particular made me laugh a lot.

  13. Agree with TNC…that Plastic man sketch is the business. Great concept, great execution. love it. 

  14. I love you, sketch up

  15. I wish ww already had bats tied up!

  16. bjbancroft bjbancroft says:

    Francavilla’s Plastic Man is absolutely brilliant, and I would kill a man to see Batman vs. Grodd written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Gabriel Hardman!!!

  17. Malecema Malecema says:

    Ok, I’m starting to come around to Phil Noto’s corner.  I’ve seen a few random things from him in the last couple of weeks that have been really good.

  18. Neb Neb says:

    The Shadow piece is amazing, although I still think Sean Phillips Shadow from one of the issues he did with Bru for the back matter is the bees knees.  Those Plastic Man pics are great as well.

  19. ccarney ccarney says:

    Thats the thing about Plastic man, you can do anything you want with him. The Batman was awesome and the WW/Batman made me laugh out loud! Good week in sketch up!

  20. flakbait flakbait says:

    The Rocketeer is a visual that never gets old. Why isn’t someone putting out an ongoing?

  21. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    lol i miss plastic man, when he was in JLA he always good for a few stupid laughs each issue

  22. marshak75 marshak75 says:

    WW is hot.

  23. PaulAllor PaulAllor says:

    Man, I love this weekly feature. And thanks to the magic of Etsy, I now own that Rocketeer piece. Sweet!!

  24. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    @PaulAllor  Totally my favorite one. Nice grab.

  25. Firebreather Firebreather says:

    The Canete sketch is the commision piece I got at Emerald City! I think all I said to him was “Conan.” He truly has a gift in that he’s not just drawing a character but more creating a narrative. I wish he’d do more comics.

  26. KidKaboom says:

    In the Batman + Wonder Woman doodle, I’m pretty sure that that’s Bruce-Man. If it was Dick-Man, then he’d just be like ” ‘Sup?”