Weekly Sketch Up – 01.18.2013


Big Boy Caprice by Nathan Fox



Aqaman by Yildiray Cinar



Glory by Tom Kelly



Green Goblin by Dave Wachter



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Evan “Doc” Shaner


TMNT_hurttTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Brian Hurtt



Psylocke by Kevin Mellon



Radagast by Skottie Young



Colossus and Kitty Pryde by Phil Noto


  1. koryrosh koryrosh says:

    Love the Noto! And Psylocke!

  2. MattKelly MattKelly says:

    I can’t call anything out this week. They’re all too awesome. I love art.

  3. jasonhart jasonhart says:

    Fox & Kelly’s pieces are above & beyond! Awesome stuff all around.

  4. Phil Noto’s piece is from a cartoon that now exists in my head.

  5. Jesse1125 Jesse1125 says:

    Hurtt SO GOOD! TMNT like I remembered them. A mass of blades,arrows, Ninjas and action

  6. keithfury keithfury says:

    A little Dick Tracy love! Awesome

  7. tagalog3p tagalog3p says:

    Tom kelly’s fantastic Glory comes from the fantastic web projectrooftop


  8. I don’t know who Glory is, but that is a fantastic piece of artwork.

    Also really digging on Noto and Young’s work this week.

  9. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    how much does Doc Shaner want for that TMNT movie one? I’m not even kidding

  10. theWAC1 theWAC1 says:

    Noto nailed the photo look on that one with the out of focus foreground in the bottom corner. I miss the Kitty and Colossus lovey days and this captures it perfectly. Bravo!

  11. randall4000 randall4000 says:

    Noto is killing me! I miss Colossus and Kitty sittin’ in a tree.

  12. JSAkid JSAkid says:

    Phil Noto is excellent & I love that Glory, kinda wish the series was drawn that way.

  13. Aqaman by Yildiray Cinar….wow.