VIDEO: X-Men Anime Opening Credits

I'm here again to talk to you about mutants. 

Yes, mutants. 

It seems that the X-Men Anime series debuted in Japan this past week, and it won't be long before it's airing in North America on the G4 network. We've seen concept art and trailers, but now it's time for the explosive, kanji-filled, wind-swept opening credit sequence. It offers a nice showcase of the central X-Men team: Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Armor, Emma Frost, and Chuck. We also see Jean Grey/Phoenix and a number of unidentified baddies glowering at our heroes. Oh, and there's Jeph Loeb in the credits!



The only downside? The music is a bit lackluster. Needs some J-pop. And maybe some feathers. Glowing feathers. 


  1. kind of a strange pose to Jean when she was dressed as Pheonix there

  2. *for Jean

  3. This will take some getting used to.  I’ll probably give it a shot.

  4. I can see myself liking this alot. But if they screw this up I’ll acctualy be alittle sad.

  5. Anime is hilarious.

  6. Pfft…
    Pretty dull by anime intro standards. Where’s the trendy upbeat Jpop with countless sequences of charachters running into the distance? It works for bleach, naruto, one piece, etc. I was simalarly disapointed with the Young Justice intro. Why cant all cartoon intros be as awesome as the last fullmetal alchemist sequence?

  7. That reminded me of the 90s X-Men cartoon opening. Just without the bad animation.

  8. I’ll never understand how the intros to Japanese anime shows never fail to have a wildly different tone that the show itself. I always laugh at the funky upbeat intros for dark shows in particular

  9. I can totally fix your music problem, just play this while you watch it and mute the actual music.

  10. @Jdudley True that. The Hellsing intro in particular drives your point home. But at least it’s interesting. I don”t think US intros are necessarily bad they’re just… boring I guess is how I would put it.

  11. Emmas boobs are smaller than they are in America WTF

  12. The ‘Timm-verse’ intros were generally very good, especially Batman TAS.

  13. I have seen that pose before, and its not for flying.

  14. I usually hate the character designs and aesthetics in anime. But this isn’t so bad. Sure a hell a better Wolverine design than in the Wolverine anime.

  15. Really like the short haired Storm.

  16. @j206
    Wolverine in this looks exactly like he did in the Wolverine anime.

  17. cyclops: optic energy beams
    wolverine: you don’t have time to read th–