Utimate Spider-Man Animated Series Promo

While we know that some of the elite in comics have been meeting to work on the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series, we don't know very much else. Head of TV for Marvel, Jeph Loeb has assembled a team of producers that includes Brian Michael Bendis, Paul DIni and the Man of Action team, Joe Kelly, Joe Casey, Steve Seagle, and Duncan Rouleau. The MoA team are well known outside of comics for having created Ben 10 and Generator Rex, and of course Bendis has been writing the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series for most of our natural lives. Now they've released this promo image, our first look at this secretive web-swinging series.

The show will premiere on Disney XD at some unknown point in 2012. You can read all about the unique set up of the summit/writer's room at Marvel.com. The series will function a lot more like a tradition network TV show, with a collaborative writing team, where most animated series are written individually. And that writing team is one heck of a cadre of experience with both Spider-Man, Marvel, and comics in general.

I've never been so into the animated comic adaptations, but I'm definitely intrigued to check this one out.


  1. MLHay MLHay says:

    Unbelivably excited for this. Ben 10 and Generator Rex are such great quality! Them teamed with Bendis and Dini?!

    I try not to get too pumped for things before they come out, but I can’t help myself.

    This is going to be STUPENDOUS.

  2. ericmci ericmci says:

    It will be interesting to see what tangible differences there will be in this compared to Spectactular Animated series-

    It would seem they had already accomplished everything this is aiming for with that excellent recent short lived show-

    But who knows- 

  3. Vuk Vuk says:

    Oh yeah Spectacular is awesome ! A spiderman show that was actually funny too. We’ll see how this thing goes down, but I doubt they can make it better. If they can it will be legendary.

  4. FoeApple FoeApple says:

    Wow thats some crew they have on board. I’m getting excited.

  5. usarmyguy79 usarmyguy79 says:

    Another spiderman series huh. Well to be honest i really enjoyed the New adventures of spiderman that MTV did back in the day but that didn’t last more than 1 season lets see how long this one sticks around for. I hate getting into something only for them to take it away. so sad.

  6. mguy77 mguy77 says:

    Disney XD BUZZ hmm pass.  I will wait for Netflix.

  7. Shallam Shallam says:

    hey ifanboys : How about a “share this” option on your mobile site?
     That way we can spread the word a little easier…..?

  8. boomergirl boomergirl says:

    I think Marvel gave a sneak peek of this at C2E2. It looked awesome.

  9. CaseyJustice CaseyJustice says:

    Yeah, I never got all the love for Spectacular. It was fine, but it was the same old Spidey we’ve seen for 60 years. Looking forward to a show that can take a fresh spin on the mythos.

  10. ericmci ericmci says:
  11. JNewcomb JNewcomb says:

    That’s a hilarious tagline.