TRAILER: The Walking Dead Video Game

Today we got a glimpse of the upcoming video game version of the hit comic from Image Comics, The Walking Dead thanks to the brand new trailer that Telltale Studios released.  The trailer showsus a bit of the story of the first episode of the game series called A New Day:


If you’re looking forward to playing The Walking Dead, this summer is going to be fun for you, as the game is now available (in the US) on the PlayStation Network, PC, Mac and will be available on the XBox 360 Live Marketplace soon. For more info on buying the game, head over to Telltale Studios online store.



  1. This game feels like it’s gonna have tons of cutscenes…

  2. It’s a TellTale game. If you played the Back to the Future game then you have a bit of an idea. It’s ALL cutscenes where you make decisions. It can be kind of fun in an interactive storybook way, but those looking for a realistic video game shooter with action, you’ll be VERY disappointed.

  3. I always liked the Borderlands style graphics. Seems like it fits this well.

  4. Adventure Games are the best games. I approve.

  5. cool cutscenes…would love to see what the gameplay actually looks like.

    @nate–from what you describe that doesn’t sound so great. If it was something like a GTA type game, that would be amazing

  6. @wally This trailer shows all in game footage. It’s primarily interactive cut-scenes with bits of action interspersed with the dialogue. Sounds like it will really capture the character moments that are so important to the comic. Based on the choices you make your character will have a different experience from mine. Different friends, enemies and survivors. It’s pretty ambitious I hope they pull it off. $5 for the first episode, I’ll give it a try.

    This video shows some of the action

  7. Is that Kevin Michael Richardson’s voice???? I freaking love that guy.

  8. was that the voice of the green lantern john stewart?
    wonder what the gameplay looks like. guess it doesn’t matter, i have enough resident evil games as it is.

  9. It’s really not meant to be in the same category as a franchise like Resident Evil. To expand on what Nate said, this wasn’t developed with a AAA budget to be an open world game like GTA, or a shooter driven by a powerful engine. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just developed in a shorter time-frame on a smaller budget . It’s not meant to compete with the major releases, it’s more designed to hit the mid-range on PSN/XBLA/Steam on-demand market, and the price reflects that.

    TellTale does make a very specific kind of game, the name says it all, it’s basically an interactive story, hence why each part is released as “episodes”. The gameplay as basically akin to a high-res version of the point-and-click adventure games of the 80’s/90’s, with ample cut scenes.

    It’s also a free gimme of a platinum trophy on PSN, basically a trophy per chapter with a platinum at the end 🙂