Top 5: Cat People in Comics



5. Tigra

Tigra was on the best Avengers team of all time, The West Coast Avengers. She was a great addition to the team until she left over some disputes involving ethics. The Avengers should have been more understandable. Killing small creatures and dropping them at your doorstep is how cats show gratitude.



4. Wildcat (Tom Bronson)

This is a bit confusing so try and keep up. Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat, is human and has a relationship with a woman, who is a werecat. She gave birth to Tom who¬†eventually¬†comes to understand that Ted is his father. Then, Tom manifests werecat powers as well. He joins the JSA and fights for justice along with his father. Then, because the comics industry likes to make everything as confusing as possible, they both decide to go by the name of “Wildcat” when the name “Tomcat” would have made a million times more sense, have you seen how people look for the Tomcat hosting now a days? In despite of this, it was a great father/son story.


3. Lion-O

Lion-ooooooooooooo. The Lord of the Thundercats. I was really, really, really close to having Snarf on this list instead of Lion-O, but he is more a Cat-Squirrel than a Cat-Person.


2. Beast

Feline Beast is something that I am not sure anyone wanted or liked but it still stuck around forever. Just like that stray cat my sister fed ONE time!


1. Tawky Tawny

Yes, Tawky Tawny is number one on this list. One of the greatest ideas in comics. First, he is not just a talking tiger, he is a talking gentleman tiger! Look at that jacket and cane! He even has a pocket square. You know this cat was featured on the front of GQ multiple times in the DC Universe.


  1. I love how the Tawky Tawny panel has that exact moment already printed and on the news stands! Now that is a comic that is never late!

  2. Catwoman?

  3. The Cheetah? The Black Panther? Talky Tawny should be on the list, but #1?

    • Black Panther is a Man in a Cat-Suit. Cheetah is a B-list Wonder Woman villian (WW deserves better) and Talky Tawny is the best thing to happen to comics.

  4. good call!

  5. BlackSad is fantastic and almost made the list!

  6. Lying Cat?

  7. Would Vixen qualify? I know that she does not have as much of a feline body as the others listed, but she does have a strong connection to the animal world, or at least does in Animal Man tales . . .

  8. I would have put Looney Leo on the list

    • Thank you! I was going to say this, but instead I’ll just second this motion. One of the best Astro City stories ever, and that’s really saying something.

  9. Tawky Tawny a straight up pimp. Respect.

  10. Would you consider Sabertooth or Wildchild to be cat people? I think they are as cattish as Lion-o. Does Lion-o even have claws? This is a fascinating topic.

  11. Tigra is a great character — especially in the mid 70s. She was put through the ringer by guys like Jim Shooter and Brian Bendis — and came out looking not so great — unfortunately. The last really good Tigra story I read was in her mini-series by Christina Z and Mike Deodato. I’d definitely rank her above Wildcat III, and I probably wouldn’t have included Beast — despite his have a more feline form for several years — he had a catlike face, but don’t recall any other feline qualities about the character. Cheetah, whom wasn’t included, always seemed like a ripoff of Tigra. She’s okay, but she’s still DC’s version of Tigra.

  12. Cat Beast > Ape Beast > Human Beast >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gorilla Beast