The Ultimate Comics Twitter Lists

You may or may not have heard the news, but our current favorite social application/site Twitter has added some fancy new functionality called “Lists.”  In case you haven’t figured out what is yet, here’s quick explanation:  You can now group together people on Twitter into a list, and then you can follow that specific list.

Over the past few days, everyone has been putting together their own lists (And we want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to put us on their lists!) of people they find interesting.  But here at iFanboy HQ, we realized that Lists can help you follow your favorite comics personalities! So we took our previous list we had put together and expanded on that and created EVERY comics-related Twitter List you could ever desire! Here’s the breakdown:

Comics Creators – Writers, Artists, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers – if they make comics, you can find them here.

Comics Companies & Publishers – Your favorite publishers of fine comics can be found on this list

Comics Industry – The comics industry isn’t just creators, but there are tons of other folks who make things happen, like editors, PR people and the like.  We wouldn’t want to leave them out.

Comics Retailers – Probably the most important cog in the wheel of the comics industry, here are the folks who give your weekly fix.  This list of them all is probably the most incomplete, so we’ll be looking to add to this with your help.

Comics Media – Now we know you go to other comics sites other than iFanboy, so do we, so we gathered as much of the comics media sites and personalities as we could here.

Comics Podcasts – In addition to websites, we know you all love comics podcasts, so here they are on a list.

Comics Podcasters – And of course we can’t have podcasts without the numerous personalities that produce those podcasts, and so the comics Podcasters list was born

Comics Bloggers – But podcasters aren’t the only personalities out there, there are some great bloggers who keep the comics industry covered, so you can stay in the loop with this list.

iFanboy Staff – And finally, we’ve made it easy for you to stay on top of every thought the iFanboy staff may have by putting them all on this handy list.

That’s a lot of lists!  So you may be wondering, “Ok, now what?” Well we thought of that too.  Here’s a quick handy guide on how to subscribe to a list:

First, just click on one of the links above of the list you’d like to subscribe to (or you can find them all listed here –

Then click on the “Follow This List” button as shown below, pointed to by the red arrow:

Then voila’! It’s just that easy – you’ve been subscribed to the list!  Now when you log into Twitter, on your home page, you’ll see the list in your lists on the right side of the screen and you can see all the posts by the comics industry personalities you’re now following via the iFanboy lists!

Now we know the comics industry is filled with people that we probably missed or left off this list.  That’s where you come in.  If you see someone you think should be on a list, just leave it in the comments below or post @iFanboy on Twitter and let us know – please provide the person’s username and what list you think they should be on and we’ll get them added!

Enjoy the iFanboy lists on Twitter!


  1. Thank you for this.  Very handy.  Keep up the good work.

    Is there a Revision3 list? 

  2. <sigh> you forgot me…


  4. @stuclach – Revision3 has some lists – you can see them at

    @VitoDelsante – huh? you’re on 2 lists! the comics creators one and comics retailers

  5. For an "ultimate" comics twitter list, that comics podcaster list is looking anemic.

  6. @VichusSmith That’s the competition! 🙂

  7. @ron – Thank you.

  8. Well, let me stop being a bystander, then!




    @geeknights (yeah, they do comics)



  9. I am?  I didn’t see myself!  Whoseawhatsa?

  10. @VichusSmith – thanks for the suggestions, they’ve been added – we knew we wouldn’t have gotten everyone, that’s why we asked for the iFanbase to make suggestions! 

    @VitoDelsante look at this:

  11. @Ron, oh, that’s so weird!  Flattering, but weird.  Never saw that until today.  I thought I was ahead of the curve on this whole internet thing that Al Gore invented.

  12. This a great but where is Dark Reign: THE LIST!!

  13. thanks guys

  14. How does one get on the say… podcast twitter list?

  15. Great lists! Glad to see I can now follow a few more people I didn’t know were on Twitter before!

  16. Hey, do you think I could get myself on the Podcaster Twitter list?  i_am_scifi on Twitter, and I am of the Comic Timing Podcast if you did not know.  🙂

  17. I’ll pimp my Twitter too; @CamComicCorner

    Weekly video review podcast.

  18. This is fantastic.

     And if I could also pimp myself @JoshElder (I created Mail Order Ninja for TokyoPop, have written Batman and StarCraft) and my newly-formed non-profit organization Reading With Pictures @ReadingWithPix which is dedicated to promoting the use of comics in the classroom.