The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.17.2011

The covers can’t be stopped. Unless, I suppose, there’s a printer problem. Or you have some kind of thresher…

Legion of Super-Heroes #16 cover by Yildiray Cinar, Jonathan Glapion

And he was still just a lad…

The only thing that could make this grave image even more compelling is if it were the cover to the next Gotham Central.


Daredevil #2 cover by Paolo Rivera

One of the great things about getting into an impromptu tussle with a longtime friend is that sometimes you get to trade signature weapons for a minute or two. As with his stupendous interior art, Rivera offers up a lithe and graceful Matt Murdoch with plenty of swash to his buckle.


Zatanna #16 cover by Adam Hughes

A red curtain and a bow only seems appropriate for this final issue of Zatanna. My only hope is that it’s not the final curtain call for this iteration of her design.


Captain America #2 cover by Steve McNiven

┬áI don’t remember paying for 3D glasses at the ticket booth, do you? I need an Excedrin┬« Tension Headache or two if I look at that shield long enough. And what wonders await inside the billowing cuff of Cap’s right boot?



  1. That would make an intriguing Gotham Central cover.
    That Zatanna cover is exceptional. Sexy and fascinating. Just like the other 15 Zatanna covers. That Adam Hughes guy is pretty talented.

  2. Loved that LoSH cover, very striking.

    I’m not going to miss Zatanna’s current costume. I was a fan of the blue & white costume with the red thing in her hair. And her new redesign looks pretty cool.

  3. That Zatanna cover is amazing. Adam Hughes never disappoints. I love the subtlety and the sexiness of it. And plus, as your eye takes in the cover, the eye line is drawn up her cane and at her…um…pants.

    I will so incredibly miss her costume. I love the energy and the playfulness of it. Her new one just seems “hip” and “angsty”.

  4. To me, the X-Factor cover was the best of the week.

  5. I’m with you, Paul. Not only do I hope this isn’t the last time we ever see this version of Zatanna. I hope she isn’t banished off into the “Dark” corner of the DCU forever either. I enjoy her mixing it up with the normal DC heroes and JLA. It allows her character to be mystical, yet fun and quirky. From the looks of the promos for JLA Dark, I’m not getting much of the fun Zatanna vibe I’ve grown to like.

  6. Not to be a dick, but isn’t that Cap’s right boot? Or is my mind blown to such a degree that I can’t really even comprehend what’s going on on that cover any more.

  7. The rediculousness of her costume is one of the best things about Zatanna, shes so powerful people still take her seriously anyway. Her new design is way too 90s.

  8. If I had to pick on a personal level, hands down I’m going with Dare Devil. The colors are damn tasty.

  9. That Legion cover actually makes me want to pick this title up even though its the last issue before the DCU reboot. McNiven + Brubaker + Steve Rogers = AWESOME!

  10. This week, overall, was a disappointing week for covers, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be the Daredevil cover.