The Best of the Week in Covers – 03.14.2012

When pursued by a predator, a comic book will often shed its cover. In three to five weeks, the cover grows back. While this does affect the book’s overall CGC rating, no one actually cares.

The Unwritten #35
By Yuko Shimizu

Another beatific vision from Shimizu. By and large, your hair should never turn into words. The stylists at Supercuts are not especially equipped to copy edit.

Exile on the Planet of the Apes #1
By Gabriel Hardman

Comic covers don’t necessarily need to double as great movie posters, but this image would look terrific in the lobby of the local multiplex. This is also cool because Dr. Zaius’ giant, floating head has a practical purpose in the scene; he doubles as a fiery explosion.

Northlanders #49
By Massimo Carnevale

To the end. To the pain. A last stand against oblivion. Love this composition with raised spear tips breaking the symmetry. Once again, you feel the snap of cold and hear the clatter of shields. Winter’s here.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #7
By Phil Noto

Noto excels at depicting our favorite heroes and villains in scenes of repose. Superhero casual. As a longtime fan of William the Bloody, this image of domestic Spike garnered a good chuckle. It’s all about the softness of those garments and the banality of the props. The real fun, of course, is wondering at the contents of that glass…

The DC Universe by Alan Moore HC
By Frazer Irving

Frazer Irving set loose upon some of DC’s most iconic tales. The colors are appropriately otherworldly.


  1. All great covers. I would have maybe included the cover for Glory, but, still, all these are amazing.

    • Hmmm, I really dislike the Glory cover, actually. It’s not that it looks bad or anything. I just don’t care for such large head shots.

  2. Noto is just amazing. He’s the only person who could draw two people on a couch and make it as breath-taking as those other worldly fantasy covers (which are also amazing).

  3. You really can fell the cold in that Northlanders cover.

  4. Who’s the chick in the Noto cover in the thong?

  5. I only saw the high school years of Buffy, but I don’t remember her being smart enough to do a cross-word puzzle. I guess she’s grown some since. Or maybe not, as the puzzle hasn’t been filled in yet.

  6. I love Irving and I love the concept, but I don’t think that’s the best execution he’s ever had.

  7. I wonder if Shimizu drew the words herself or if the letterer pitched in?

  8. Does anyone know if Shimizu has published a collection of her work? Surely she must be due…

  9. Love the Irving cover. Can’t wait for his 3 issues (9-11) on Shade to start.

    Can we just get next week’s best cover out of the way now? I mean really. Daredevil #10. Rivera. (I can’t describe in words how awesome it is)

  10. “Right you are, luv. I haven’t changed. Not a lick. Now what’ll it be; Blue Bloods or Hawaii 5-0?”

  11. I want to buy an art book with the Northlanders covers. I am not reading the series but somehow ended up picking up a couple issues as of late just because the cover art was so gorgeous.