The Best of the Week in Covers – 03.09.2011

Candy is dandy but covers are quicker. 

Birds of Prey #10

Cover by Stanley "ArtGerm" Lau

I loved Lau's covers for Batgirl, and I'm excited to see his style popping up across the DCU. Here we're treated to an incredible group shot featuring most of the current Bat family as well as the Birds. Even in shadow, these characters look so exquisitely detailed and richly colored. The light flowing out of the mask is ethereal. Just a stunning image all around. 



B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Gods #3

Cover by Ryan Sook

If the extent of your exposure to Abe Sapien is the Hellboy movies, you might not know just how great a badass he truly is. That's why I love Sook's depiction of the fishman here. I love my diagonals too, so this composition really delivers. 



X-23 #7

Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky

Jewel tones and pirates, me 'earties! Yo ho! Color elevates this pinup to something truly striking. 



Justice League Generation Lost #21

Cover by Dustin Nguyen


It's the year of the white cover. What makes this work is the distance, the overwhelming vacuum of the negative space. Booster feels tiny and inconsequential in this moment, swallowed up in his grief. Nguyen captures that brilliantly, elegantly. 


  1. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    *looks at JLI cover*

    So, dude is still dead?

  2. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    @ohcaroline  lol. That is a very TNC-esque post:)

  3. arr, me thinks these pirates be dandies..

  4. stuclach stuclach says:

    I really like that Generation Lost cover. 

  5. schark schark says:

    I had not seen the Generation Lost cover yet, and I literally gasped.  Beautiful.  What a gut punch.

  6. trobinson79 trobinson79 says:

    Venom cover gets a special nod from me as well.  Might as well – how often do we get Quesada covers nowadays?

  7. The JLGL cover is nice. Yeah this is totally the year of the white cover. Next year it will be the all on black covers.   

  8. @ohcaroline: Stealing my trademark (patent pending) comments? I’ll sue!!

    I haven’t done this in a while though…

    More Great Covers: Freeway OGN (Mark Kalesniko does a very realistic take on traffic jams. Other then the distracting sketch on the lower right, it really is a good looking cover for an OGN) 
    Titans #33 (I only nominate this because when you are captured by a hobo killing, cat user, taking cocaine on an iPad superhero. Then you hit a new low.)

    Worst Cover of the Week: Jurassic Park: Devil in the Desert #3 (I like John Byrne, but there is virtually no variety in the covers for this mini-series. We get it, you’re shoing the perspective of the dinosaur inside it’s mouth. Let’s find some more ideas there Mr. Byrne)

  9. ericmci ericmci says:

    Keen observation.

  10. chelsea chelsea says:

    Love the Birds of Prey cover! Beautiful.

  11. houseian houseian says:

    The Birds of Prey cover is ace but the interior art was FOUL.  Eyes all over the place, distorted bodies. NASTY.

    BOP is going to fail if they don’t sort out the art teams.