TEASERS: “Submit or Perish” in the AGE OF ULTRON [Update]

UPDATE: Hawkeye? More like conjunctivitis, are we right? Mike Deodato’s addition to the “Submit or Perish_” line of teasers presents a curiously, perhaps worryingly ominous vision of Clint Barton. 


UPDATE: Ultron could probably use a little iron in his diet. Wait. 



UPDATE: She-Hulk is also unhappy with the Ultron situation. But could there be a greater threat in the form of her mom jeans?



“Submit or perish.” Not our favorite ultimatum. But we imagine the Red Hulk and Black Widow are even more intent on answering with an option C. And option C., if we had to guess, is pretty damned painful.


Black Widow by Jung-Geun Yoon


Red Hulk by In-Hyuk Lee

AGE OF ULTRON #1 (JAN130627)
Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH
On-Sale March 2013 A.U.

AGE OF ULTRON #2 (JAN130634)
Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH
On-Sale March 2013 A.U.

AGE OF ULTRON #3 (JAN130637)
Art and Cover by BRYAN HITCH
On-Sale March 2013 A.U.


  1. I gotta say, that Black Widow teaser is something else. Really great depiction of determination. It’s tough for a single static image to tell a story, but this one seems to do it almost effortlessly.

    Wasn’t all that interested in this event before seeing that teaser, but maybe I’ll be picking it up now.

    Not to mention, great integration of the movie costume into the MU.

  2. I’m really digging these teasers, but If Bryan Hitch is doing the art for AoU, shouldn’t he do the teasers as well?
    Honestly I really just want some Hitch art

  3. Those are some beastly pinups. I might honestly buy a print of that Black Widow one if I ever come across it.

  4. I understand subtly shifting Widow’s outfit to match the movie version but its kinda odd that Red Hulk looks like the Ruffalo version.

  5. Sorry Marvel, you’re not getting my $$$ for this one. Not buying the tie-ins, not buying the series.

    If I hear good things about it after the fact I will consider picking up the trade.

  6. I still gotta pick up AvX (still waiting for the price drop on Comixology, Marvel!) so I won’t be reading this until after I catch up with everything post AvX. And then I will wait until the price drop. So sometime in 2014 I will be reading this.

  7. If there’s a “Daredevil” tie-in I’ll probably read it. Other than that…

  8. I get a Matrix vibe from this. The covers look awesome, I’ll check it out or will pick up the graphic novel.

  9. I love that Black Widow image, Hitch in art is a bonus too but this screams trade wait to me.

  10. Love Ultron so this is a must.

  11. Who would live on Earth in the Marvel Universe?

  12. Can’t wait for this and those teasers are awesome! This is the first big event I’ve been really pumped up for since Secret Invasion.

    • expect the same result with worst art.

    • @Roldan well played, sir. Well played!

    • @ Roldan Not “worst” art with Bryan Hitch on board, he’s good.

    • I actually liked Secret Invasion. It was a little drawn out but overall a fun event and the new Dark Regin status quo that followed was fantastic.

    • @JSAkid I like Hitch but Secret Invasion had Yu. And Yu is a better then what Hitch is now. They probably could’ve stood in equal footing if this was Hitch from Ultimates or his early DC stuff. But that wasn’t what i was talking about, I’m talking more about the art which comes after Hitch, Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco. Peterson’s no Hitch, even now and Carlos Pacheco’s art doesn’t work as well as he did with Merino.

  13. I’ve been reading some of the solicits for this…and it just doesn’t inspire me with any real interest.

    I won’t spoil anything for those who haven’t read all the solicits. All I will say is that I feel like we’ve been down this road before and that the end result will likely be Scarlett Witch’ed or Superboy Punched out of the picture. Maybe I’ll be wrong.

  14. I’d like to read it but with Marvel’s vertigo-inducing shipping schedule I simply can’t afford it.

  15. Here’s my question: the teaser says “Submit of Perish,” so will any of the heroes submit? If so, who?

  16. Going to go with a big ole pass on this whole mess.

  17. AoA-AoU, I wonder if we’ll get Age of Ultron versions of Avengers like we got Age of Apocalypse versions of X-men?

  18. Love the classic IM. Guessing his newer, more advanced armors are susceptible to Ultron McGuffin interference.

    • I feel the exact opposite about classic IM: can’t stand it! How does he mold the metal exactly to his legs, arms and chest? What’s with the trunks? Why does everyone have to draw it with such a huge crotch bulge? *explodes in a ball of fiery fanboy pettiness*

    • heh, you know, if you go back and read the really old IM stuff when that suit was new, I’m not sure the artists knew how to handle it either. It was generally presented as like some kind of fabric that would harden when he powered it up.

  19. I just read Avengers disassembled for the first time. In the final chapter, they are reflecting on the events of the battle and their time as Avengers and Sam Wilson mentions how terrifying it was when he though Ultron had returned. It really put into perspective how big of a threat Ultron really can be.

  20. Oh nice, Iron Man before he looked ridiculous.

    • Because a metal suit that forms to your muscular definition is definitely not ridiculous. I love Adi Granov but don’t understand why he would make his suit look like it’s painted on his body.

  21. These teaser images are awesome, still screams trade wait…..classic Iron Man suit is just cool and nostalgic, I love that he has a hall of armor & many looks, he should, he’s Tony Stark. It says AoU #1,#2,#3 all coming out in March, what is it weekly?

  22. just wondering..why isnt NYC bankrupt..are they still paying for repairs from Fear Itself? what about the bill from the that last FF arc? how is NYC still standing? There has to be some serious structural and foundational damage…and the Damage Control bill JEEZ!!! its a recession..LOL