Taschen Chronicles DC Comics Through the Ages with Five Volume History

A while back, Taschen, champions of the coffee table book, released the Eisner Award winning mega-tome 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Myth-Making. The mammoth volume curated by Paul Levitz came in its own cardboard, suitcase style case. I received it as a gift from the bosses while visiting New York the winter it was first published, and I shuttled the thing the length and breadth of Brooklyn on a harrowing subway misadventure. I eventually reviewed it on the iFanboy video show.

Anyways, Taschen and Levitz are offering some of the same content, newly expanded, in a series of five volumes. They’re organized chronologically by era, starting with the just-released Golden Age covering 1935-1956. Expect volumes on the Silver, Bronze, Dark and Modern Ages in the coming months.


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  1. In. Buying the one volume was a little too much for me, but I’ll get this installment plan.

  2. This looks very interesting, but what I’m really looking for is a “DC Comics: The Untold Story” that gives us the kind of not necessarily authorized look at how DC functioned over the years. That may already exist, but I don’t think I’ve read it. I read the Marvel version and found it fascinating.

    I”m also looking forward to “iFanboy: The Untold Story” by Mike “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz” Romo.

    • I cracked up when I read that. I heard the subtitle of Romo’s book is going to be “this week I will hate comics, but next week I will.”

  3. Also, this post reminds me that the video show used to exist and then I remember the minis and then I remember how much I miss them both.

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    • The video shows were the defining feature of the site and what made me originally get into the community here. When it seemed they were never really coming back other than con interviews (which to be honest are hit or miss depending on the creators interviewed), I cancelled my iFanboy membership subscription. I felt going the extra mile with the video shows deserved some financial reward for the extra work that was put into them, but without them it offered nothing that any other site did.

      In terms of the book, I loved the big book. It’s a great resource to thumb through and Levitz really put a lot of love into it. There’s a great panel discussion they did at the time of release that’s online in video form. Pretty sure it was a Paley centre event if anyone wants to search for it on google.

    • I loved the video show, but I never really considered cancelling my membership when it went away. ***ENTERING ECONOMIST MODE*** I receive enough utility from the articles, podcasts, interaction with other members of the iFanbase, and con parties (the one I’ve been able to attend) to easily justify my membership fee. ***EXITING ECONOMIST MODE*** However, I completely understand your point of view. I’d really love to see at least one more of the 4th of July Grilling episodes at some point. They really seemed to enjoy filming those and I always enjoyed watching them. Especially the ultra fastforward eating that accompanied the credits.

  4. have the big book and page through it all the time
    amazing stuff

  5. Sweet! I was planning on buy 75 years of DC Comics, but I’ll just buy this instead. Not just that, but when I went to the Amazon page for the first book, I saw that DC is also coming out with a Superman Golden Age Omnibus. I was also planning on getting the Archive Editions, but I’m going to get this instead too.

  6. Man… that book is beautiful, but it is ungainly. I cannot store it anywhere! Currently it’s hidden next to my bookshelf because that’s the only way it won’t destroy something.

  7. Well that $200 book is still an amazing volume, but these will be pretty awesome as well. I wonder if they are the same size or are they scaled down sizes that Taschen usually does for their trade books? Really only matters if you like reading captions. =)

  8. So this is essentially the same book but split into five volumes?

    Well my pelvis will thank me for getting those instead!

  9. This is a GREAT book !!! I have the whole book that paul’s refering to. It’s very definitive covering every aspect of DC’s history

  10. When the original book came out my wife was able to get it for me online at Barnes and Noble for 50 bucks!! We never could figure out why it was cheaper online than it was in the store. How much in these new releases is new?

  11. Just ordered this first volume. Stoked.

  12. Just ordered mine from Barnes & Noble!