Spotlight: PLANETOID #1

Did you dig on Prophet #21 two weeks back? Stop reading this article and purchase Ken Garing’s Planetoid #1 right now. I’m serious.

The mysterious, space-fairing pirate known as Silas may have crash-landed alone on a bleak alien world, but you’ll want to follow him. Especially when the visuals are as terrific as this.

Like the eponymous hero of Prophet, Silas is the kind of rugged boy scout prepared for just such a harrowing adventure. He’s a survivor through and through. And whatever he can’t handle–analyzing the chemicals in the atmosphere for example–he leaves to Richeter, a spectacled AI presence he can summon at the tap of a wrist.

It’s not long before he runs into representatives of the local fauna. But what manner of beast could possibly thrive on such an inhospitable rock? Turns out, not the kind you want to meet or snuggle with. So exploration quickly turns to a race for shelter, survival, and escape.

Without giving too much away, Silas finds someone to talk to besides his watch by issue’s end. In that conversation he learns a little more about the catastrophe that resulted in such a miserable landscape. He’ll also learn this detour isn’t nearly so temporary as he’d hoped.

Ken Garing is off to a spectacular start with this bit of survivalist SF. This is just an introduction to the ruinous, dystopian world of Planetoid, and I’m eager to see what horrors yet remain in its crevices. Highly recommended.

Grab Planetoid #1 on Graphicly today. Start with a preview:



  1. I’m sold on this. When is the print version out?

  2. Paul you sold me the moment you compared it to Prophet. I’ll be picking it up tonight (got to love digital comics!)

  3. Oh man. Bought!

  4. This sounds incredible.

  5. My first thought when I saw the picture that accompanied the article was “Hey, that kinda reminds me of Prophet.” So the opening sentence was a nice surprise.

  6. I like the visuals and things associated with pulp, thanks for the recommend.

  7. New Article did was its suppose to, and I hopped on to check it out. Read it. Liked it.

    One question, am I to understand this is only being published Digitally at the moment?

    Here’s a quick review I left in the comments after I finished.

    A classic premises, a man crashed on a hostile world full of strange twisted landscapes. Visually this book is stunning, the setting is very ‘Giggeresq’ and the tech and creature designs are top notch. The art and art direction in this book is awesome. Period. This is a guy who is going places

    The story though, never seems to rise above its cliche roots. Man crashes, man survives, man meets other survivor, man has heart to heart to info dump for the audiance. It never twists, it never turns. And that is unfortunate.

    The cover isa bit dull, espcially the log. Also the creature we see never appears in the interiors. I hate pip-up covers.

    Over all this book was definitely worth the 3 buck price of admission. It has the unfortunate timing to be inevitibly compared to Brandon Graham’s Prophet. And compared to that, it just isn’t as cutting edge.

    I will be following the series for the near future. As it did check a number of enjoyment boxes (I do love grim violent science fiction with lush art)

  8. Looks good, so good that I nearly took my first dive into digital comics. But the sample crashed my Kindle. Sorry Graphicaly, but I’ll be getting this from the strore!

  9. Is this being done in print? Cause…I must have it. That art…oh the art…

  10. This looks really cool. I’m glad you guys are highlighting some of the really cool indie digital things that are happening. I’m gonna check this out…

  11. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    For those asking, PLANETOID is currently exclusive to Graphicly. There is no print version. True indie. But let’s give it the attention and buzz it truly deserves. It reads beautifully in digital.

  12. Looks good but 3.00 is steep for something that doesn’t actually exist. Maybe previews of future issues will change my mind, though!

  13. I literally gasped when I saw that three panel splash of that ship. Good lord that is gorgeous!

  14. Paul, your words and the visuals on this page have made this a must-buy.

  15. What he said. This is actually the first thing I’ve bought on – nice app but the prices do not convert properly to Yen for many items. Return of the Dapper Men is listed at $850.00 – should be 850 yen. I’ve been too terrified to actually buy anything! Planetoid was priced normally though.