Some Awesome Cosplay to Cleanse your Palate

Do you know what’s awesome? Cosplay. Do you know what’s NOT awesome? All of the controversy surrounding it lately. You know what I’m going to do? Offer up some awesome cosplay.

For the last four years, I have been going to dozens of conventions a year and photographing cosplayers and convention antics. I have THOUSANDS of shots so sifting through them was a chore, but here’s a smattering of just a few of my favorites. I made my decision on lots of things: costume quality, the content of the photo, etc etc. Basically, all these shots are awesome, and I wish I could post all the hundreds of shots that resonate in me but for now here’s a small amount. Oh, by the way: obviously NONE of these people are geeky. At all. They’re all doing this for attention.

Molly McIsaac (obviously) takes her camera with her everywhere. She’s also totally a fake geek – you can tell because she wears nice clothes and makeup. You can follow her rants on twitter or on her blog, The Geeky Peacock.


  1. adrianrigter adrianrigter says:


  2. KillTheG1mp KillTheG1mp says:

    Most impressive…

  3. USPUNX USPUNX says:

    Wow, I must not know as much about comic culture as I think I do because I only recognize about a third of these.

    • Molly McIsaac Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

      A lot of them are from manga, video games, and TV shows.

    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      Gotcha, thanks. I recognized the Gears of War one but I read pretty much no manga so that’s probably why I don’t get any of those. Who is the red haired woman in the third row? It just looks like she is in normal clothes.

    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      *Third row from the bottom.

    • Molly McIsaac Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

      It’s Mary Jane Watson, of course!

    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      Oh my god I’m an idiot.

    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      I’m not really into cosplaying but based on recent articles I’m starting to see how passionate a subculture it really is. Maybe you’ve already done this and I just missed it but it’d be cool to see an article about why cosplayers ARE so passionate about it. Not about the controversies or creepiness or anything like that, just why there is so much love for it among those who partake. A Manifesto of Cosplay or something. I dunno, maybe I’m off base but in the spirit of what you wrote above the pictures, it might help to explain to non-cosplayers why the practice is an important part of geek culture.

    • Molly McIsaac Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

      That’s actually a REALLY good idea. I’ll do that next week!

    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      Sweet! I look forward to it!

  4. Is that the character from princess mononoke? Sweet bayonetta and death star. Keep on keepin on.

  5. ChuckNYC ChuckNYC says:

    Thanks for this. I really have trouble understanding all the negativity out there. I promised myself when I started my site that I would spend my energy trying to show people all the great comics out there to read, instead of doing tear-down reviews and beating up creators. I think everyone could use a little dose of “if you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself”. Thanks for focusing on the good!


  6. Faur Faur (@paulfaur) says:

    Cosplay isn’t my scene at all, but man, if I saw a woman walking around dressed as my comic’s leading lady, I would just die of happiness.

  7. USPUNX USPUNX says:

    Deadpool has to be my favorite. Especially because I think that is the most comic book-y face I have ever seen a human make.

  8. Awesome Paul Rudd as Loki.

  9. Grandturk says:

    I get dressing up in costume.

    I get LARPing.

    But how much “play” is going in in Cosplay?

  10. Heroville Heroville says:

    Who is the girl in the black shirt and tan pants cosplaying as?

  11. Radmobile Radmobile says:

    Ok, I know I’ve seen the character and pose before, but I can’t figure it out at the moment.

    Who is the girl in the black outfit with the lightning bolt motif supposed to be?

  12. tomdpimp tomdpimp says:

    Molly, you must come to DragonCon next year! They average at least 8 costume contests. Star Wars, Comic Books, LOTR, Steampunk, Professional Costumers, Anime, Adult, kids, and their massive Masquerade!

  13. All really good but the cyberman is unbelievable.

  14. Grandturk says:

    I’m also interested to know “who” these cosplaya’s are. I imagine a good portion are either heavily into theater or are looking for prospective employment as a actor/booth dressing.

    • Molly McIsaac Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

      Uh, no. We’re geeks who like dressing up. Most cosplayers have boring day jobs and aren’t actors in any way.

    • Grandturk says:


    • USPUNX USPUNX says:

      Yeah I don’t know much about cosplayers, neither myself or any of my comic oriented friends are cosplayers, but I never got the sense they wanted anything more out it than dressing up and having a good time.

    • LadyLoucifer says:

      I am the succubus from WoW (second row, far right) and have been in the cosplaying community since 2007. I can tell you that 95% of cosplayers do not work or study in theatre/dressmaking (I know about, 4 out of the 100 or so I have met?) the rest come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and the only thing that brings us together is geeky shenanigans and cosplay (I’m a network technician!). I make my costumes, and learnt from scratch how to sew and craft. i find constructing the costume is the most fun part of the entire experience, and albeit expensive and time consuming, to me cosplaying is the greatest form of glorification to your favorite characters.

  15. glennsim says:

    Ironically, when I went to my first big convention earlier in the year (after a number of years) I remember thinking I was kinda LESS cool for not dressing up. It’s like I can see being negative about the fact that these people are making me look bad… :)

  16. ed209AF ed209AF says:

    offers to “cleanse your palate of controversy” with cosplay post, is passive aggressively controversial in cosplay post.

  17. megu says:

    All of these are incredible, but fuck me, that Loki is FIIINE. :B

  18. fredzilla fredzilla says:

    Tony Harris better not see this page. RAGE!!!

  19. The Deadpool one was my favourite.

  20. syngar999 says:

    The usage of “awesome” here is both hyperbole and inaccurate. Most of these cosplay are mediocre at best.

  21. Till this day, I don’t know how that chick sewed plastic onto fabric. I mean that faker chick, the one that’s faking it ;)