SDCC 2013: New ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer Makes a Good Case for Staying Inside

You want four and a half minutes of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season? That’s a commodity we’re pleased to provide.¬†You want a reunion for two actors from The Wire who never actually shared a scene together before? Well, there’s The Good Wife or this same four and a half minutes of The Walking Dead season four. I recommend both actually.

It all starts on AMC in October.


  1. I decided to watch this promo even though I gave up on this show last year.

    Gotta admit….makes me kinda interested for this season. Then again AMC does great job with promoting the show and yet the results (for me anyways) were never good. At least my Mom will like this….and that’s so weird to say that my Mom is a huge fan of the Walking Dead.

    • Didn’t you “give up” on this two years ago?

      Just admit that you hate-watch the show, TNC. It’s OK. You’re among friends.

    • Yes. We’re all friends here. This is a safe place. Just let it all out, big guy. Hate/love…it’s a thin line. Am I right?

    • @WheelHands/Sitara: I hate watched the final episodes of season 2 but I never saw any of season 3. Although because my mom can’t shut up about it I have a vague idea on what happened.

      Am I the only one who has gotten their parents into this show?

  2. I hope each season they just add another cast member from the Wire. Looking forward to Bunk in Season 5 and Omar in 6.

  3. Good trailer.

    They better come out swinging to make up for the shitshow that was the second half of last season. The fact that I have no idea where they’re going with this is simultaneously the best and worst part about this show.