Schwarzenegger Eyes Super-Heroes?

After serving as governor of one of the largest states in the country, what is best in life?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to star in a super-hero movie.

That might be the case for former Calfornia governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as quoted from the man himself at a seminar in the Arnold Classic,  an annual bodybuilding convention named after bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned politician. A member of the actor's fansite asked  him about his Hollywood future and got an earful of exciting prospects. The start says he's got 15 different offers for films, from remakes and sequels of his previous films as well as original stuff — including "a comic book character". Schwarzenegger says he plans to announce this comic book character "by the end of March or the beginning of April".

Schwarzenegger is no stranger to comic book films — from films based on comics (Batman & Robin) to films that inspired comic books (Terminator, Predator, Conan), but what super-hero would be a good fit for the governator at this point in his career? Feel free to comment with your own ideas, and listen to a few of our own.

Deathblow: Lesser known, but this Jim Lee/Brandon Choi creation has striking visuals and an inventive set of characters that could be an ideal project to develop and craft into a movie. Aging special ops agent who quit the service because of a brain tumor? He could even re-use some of the dialogue from Kindergarten Cop.

Sgt. Rock: Although some story-work would need to be done given the actor's age, an Inglorious Bastards meets Saving Private Ryan take on this Kanigher/Kubert joint could be great. Someone get Kubert on the designs for the movie too!

Cable: Marvel Studios' dropped hints in 2009 that it was working on a Cable movie, but due to the character's larger family — the X-Men — being controlled by anothert studio, the prospects of a Cable movie are interesting. W the X-factor the movie might be too similiar to Kyle Reese's journey in the original Terminator, but then again that might be a selling point.

Invincible: Arnold Schwarzenegger as Omni-Man — the world's preimment superhero with the dark secret that he's an emissary for an invading allience race. And only his super-hero halfblooded son, Invincible, can stop him.


  1. How about Omega Red?  He’s got the accent for it.

  2. Screw superhero flicks, he should play a larger role in the next Expendables movie and they need to add Van Damme and Chuck Norris, then I’d be happy.

  3. I didn’t know his “reign” as govenator was ending. I for one am glad to see that he’s going to be in films again.

  4. i don’t think he said he was going to play a comic book character! the way i read it is that he’s making a comic book! 

    the quote was I am also packaging a comic book character right now. I’m going to announce that sometime by the end of March or the beginning of April.

  5. At this point in his life/career I would say Cable.

  6. Conan was a movie first and not a comic? i did not know that!

  7. I think he should be given another shot at Mr. Freeze.


  8. Dollars to donuts, he’s playing Principal @johnwordballoon in the Spidey reboot.


  10. @Stuclach- he really doesnt.

    He should just go away now and not be in a superhero film. 

  11. Dream for that new neil gaiman Sandman adaptation

  12. Not Omni-Man, could definitely be the Immortal though

  13. My guess, RED 2.  Quasi comic book movie, with old actors so he would be comfortable. 

  14. @mikegraham6  Not so. Conan was in books first, then comics, then movies. I didn’t know this, but I’m bored at work while waiting for a meeting so I looked up the dates on wikipedia:

    First published story: 1932
    Marvel comic: 1970
    Newspaper strip: 1978 
    First film: 1982 

  15. Oh, he could TOTALLY be Black Bolt in the new inHumans movie!

  16. Aging superhero? Do we need to look further than Dark Knight Returns?

  17. Instead of playing Omni-Man, he would make a great Conquest.  But that’s too small of a role for the Governator.  Or maybe Bizzaro.

  18. @kidCharlemagne  I’d wager that the average non-European, non-Russian couldn’t distinguish his accent from a Russian accent.

  19. He’d make a great Supreme.

  20. @stuclach- really? Even still, he cant act even a little bit.