Save the Date: Edgar Wright’s ‘ANT-MAN’ Hits Theaters on 11.06.2015, Plus the Official Plot of ‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’

Pull out those calendars because we’ve got another Marvel Studios flick release date to mark down. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man will march into theaters on November 6th 2015. That positions it some six months after the debut of Joss Whedon’s Marvel’s The Avengers 2. No telling whether the Ant Man character will feature in any of the movies leading up to his solo film, but stranger things have happened. Theoretically, Wright could say the little guy played a pivotal role in the Avengers’ tussle with Thanos after the fact, citing minuteness for his perceived absence.


Marvel also released an official synopsis for next November’s Thor: The Dark World.

Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Everything, you say? Ominous!

Oh, and if you were wondering. Both Iron Man 3 and  Thor: The Dark World will be offered in 3D.


  1. Just based on Edgar Wright’s involvement, Ant Man is the Marvel movie I’m most excited for before the fact. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. walterwhite walterwhite says:

    Damn 2015 is along time away

  3. ctrosejr ctrosejr says:

    Can someone who is in the know of such things shed light on the early November release? My initial impression is that they do not have strong faith in the movie to do well during the summer blockbuster months. (This seems strange considering it has not even been filmed yet.) I understand that there may be other Marvel movies that Ant-Man would complete with, but Thor and Captain America co-existed in the same spring/summer release year. Surely, whatever else Marvel has planned would not compete too badly with Ant-Man. If anything, I would suspect that Ant-Man benefit from being closer to other Marvel movies in terms of its release date.

    • KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

      I’m certainly not in the know, but I can imagine a couple strategies:

      First is that they want to play up the Marvel Movie angle first and foremost (because who the heck knows anything about Ant Man?). The Marvel brand is huge right now, so having a Marvel movie come out opposite their typical release schedule might be a novel concept for movie-goers.

      Secondly, Edgar Wright is (in Hollywood terms) a cult movie director. A November release might be designed to let the hardcore fans of Marvel and Wright build up good word of mouth that could carry the film into a longer run through the Holiday season.

      Third, this film seems like a great counter to the Oscar-bait and holiday films, so that could be an aspect of this too.

      And lastly, in much of the US, November weather is really shitty and it gets dark early — what better time to go sit in the movie theatre than when you can’t possibly be missing out on any quality outdoor time?

      I may be wrong on all of that, but they seem plausible to me.

    • BC1 BC1 says:

      Also remember that movies such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Tolkien films have debuted in the November/December region and they certainly didn’t suffer. I agree with Ken, too, a good alternative to the highbrow Oscar films and the family fare/holiday bombardment (which seems to happen earlier and earlier each year).

    • Thor 2 is also getting a November release, November 8th 2013. Personally, I can dig it, spreading the movies around the year a bit.

    • player1 player1 says:

      There is now a “winter blockbuster” season as well.

      I think the LoTR and Narnia films were generally released around that “after Halloween/before New Year’s” block, the Holiday Quarter. It’s the opposite cycle from the Summer Quarter, that “May Day to Fourth of July” block.

  4. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So, who would you like to see in the title role?

    Remember, there are both small parts AND small actors.

    • KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

      It depends on the tone I think.

      The Marvel movies all use humor to one degree or another, but I think this might be a film where comedy is on par with the action/adventure (if Wright’s track record and the very early word about the film are to be believed).

      If that’s the case, I could see Neil Patrick Harris as a nerdy, funny, but not entirely-unbelievable-in-an-action-role Hank Pym. He’s likeable, talented, and brings a cult following that I think would fit well with Wright’s established tastes for leading men. And his background in TV would indicate that he’d mesh pretty well with the ensemble if he were involved in an Avengers film at some point.

    • Really depends on which Ant Man it’s going to be, Hank Pym scientist Ant Man, Scott Lang reformed thief Ant Man, or Eric O’Grady scoundrel Ant Man. I’m definitely going to have to give each one some thought!

    • Neil Patrick Harris would be good! I think Donald Glover would be pretty awesome in any of the options I mentioned as well.

    • pyynk pyynk says:

      Yeah, it definitely depends on which Ant Man we get. I’m totally pulling for Eric O’Grady. Looks as if IMDB is going with Pym. That said, FF will be featuring Scott Lang…

    • Anville Anville says:

      It would be nice to go non-WASP (no pun intended, but happily embraced) with this. How about John Cho in the lead? He showed his action hero stuff as Sulu, and can certainly play a nerdy scientist.

    • KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

      Don Glover and John Cho would both be cool choices.

    • ctrosejr ctrosejr says:

      Not this would ever happen, but my answer is Chris Pine as Pym. He can pull of smart, funny, brash, troubled, smarmy and still come off as likable. And, he definitely has the action chops.

    • kingjoeg kingjoeg says:

      Neil Patrick Harris
      David Tennant
      Nathan Fillion

      That would be my top three choices.

    • flakbait flakbait says:

      Just to toss in yet another Whedon alum, Alan Tudyk would be great. He’s got the range for it.

    • player1 player1 says:

      Perfect suggestion.

      Spot on.

      I await the threeway smartass science-boy nerd fight.

    • player1 player1 says:

      ^NPH, I mean^

  5. Doughboy says:

    Very excited for this movie. Pym has always been my favorite Ant-Man, but O’Grady might make the more interesting character for the film. I could see many more comedic opportunities with O’Grady.

    • player1 player1 says:

      Pym has had many imitators and lab assistants who stole his schtick.

      It would be interesting to see more than one Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket or Wasp.

  6. Pulling out Calendar and Ah damn, I’m busy November 6th 2015.

  7. If Edgar Wright is directing this, clearly Simon Pegg should play Pym! Although he might be too old now. I like the Neil Patrick Harris suggestion as well.

  8. 2015? I might be dead by then…

    I also vote for David Tennant to be Ant-Man as well.