San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Photographs

Well, another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, full of amazing artwork, incredible cosplays, exclusive toys, stifling heats, pressing crowds, epic after parties, overloaded cell networks, and good people. As usual, I dragged my camera around the convention with me in an attempt to immortalize every amazing cosplayer and moment. Unfortunately I didn’t get as many photos as previous years due to the fact that I was cosplaying two of the four days and therefore POSING for photos rather than taking them, but I still did my best to capture the landscape of the convention for the iFanbase. Without further ado: SDCC 2012 through Molly McIsaac’s camera lens!



Molly McIsaac is a strange cosplaying creature who frequently posts nonsense on her twitter.


  1. Smasher says:

    Thanks Molly. Look like Cyclops was cos-winning at SDCC 2012.

  2. Ah hey, there’s whatshername that actress from Heroes and comic creator.

    Lotta cool pics, pretty girls and whatnot.

  3. JBalz JBalz says:

    Awesome pictures

  4. Nice gallery!

    Ultra-Purple Hawkeye was in the Women of Marvel panel I went to. Dryer-Lint Totoro is one of the best. Burning Man x Green Arrow was pretty accurate I think too to an IRL situation.

  5. Houdini was inaccurate. The freaks also come out at SDCC. Great photos and costumes.

  6. Grandturk says:

    Holy camel toe, Rogue!

  7. KillTheG1mp KillTheG1mp says:

    Talk about awesome! :) I love just seeing all those people smile, makes me want to go to conventions more hehe!

  8. Dan Dan says:

    The apparent overabundance of Wilfred costumes makes me happy. Nice photos – conveys the atmosphere of SDCC without the fanboy funk.

  9. MaxPower MaxPower says:

    Josh, that’s you in that Tusken Raiden costume, isn’t it?

  10. Bryce31 Bryce31 says:

    Great pictures Molly!

  11. Anville Anville says:

    This was my first to visit to SDCC after 14 years living in SD! It was so overwhelming, it’s nice to look through other people’s photos.

    I think my favorite costumes that I saw were a female Booter Gold/Blue Beetle pair. I also spotted two guys looking a lot like Ron and Conor interviewing someone at the DC booth. Some serious cosplay there!

  12. MastodonTD MastodonTD says:

    Needs more Saucy Flanagan :)

  13. Great pictures, though I do have a small request. Could you guys place a brief description of the character below each picture? Most are fairly obvious, yet others I’m not familiar with: There’s the girl at the very top row holding a pumpkin(?), another in a pink wig with red ants crawling over her, someone wearing a heart eye patch with music motif, a woman dressed in black on stilts. It’d be good info to know who they are cosplaying.

    I don’t know what Cheetahs is and they can sell compost for all I care, but those three models… Boy howdy! A great picture indeed.

  14. Heroville Heroville says:

    Trustafarian Green Arrow is dope

  15. kennyg kennyg says:

    There appear to have been far fewer cross-dressers this year. Either that or they avoided Molly’s lens…

  16. Sman290 Sman290 says:

    Lady Cyclops FTW!!

  17. g0ofgnewt g0ofgnewt says:

    That person in the bowling alley costume looks great!

  18. LucasEwalt says:

    Who did you dress as this year, Molly?

  19. JSAkid JSAkid says:

    Alan Scott Green Lantern needs the purple mask but otherwise cool and cool picks all around. I wanna take some time and make a classic Alan Scott myself for ECCC next year, handmade all the way. I’ve dressed up as Spaceghost, Captain America, Clone Troopers n such at Halloween parties but never at a con, gotta do it at least once.