Preview: I, VAMPIRE #16

If you ever wondered how vampires ended up in the DC Universe in the first place, you’ll want to sink your teeth into next week’s I, Vampire #16 from Josh Fialkov and Scott Clark.

As you may imagine, it goes back quite a ways. Though I can’t promise that the Scorpion King is involved. Still, we can look forward to some sword and sandal savagery as Cain assumes the role of patient zero in history’s deadliest outbreak.


Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Scott Clark
Cover by Alex Garner

• The true origin of vampires in The New 52 is revealed here through the life and times of Cain!
• Andrew’s plans as King of Vampires are coming together, and that’s not good for humanity.

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. Cain’s getting around these days – he’s the main villain in Demon Knights now.

  2. I miss Andrea Sorrentino. Why did you have to send him to Green Arrow, DC? He was so perfect for this book.

  3. Scott Clark looks good on this book. Didn’t like Dennis Calero on last issue.

  4. Any idea when the Arrow banners are going to stop appearing on the covers? I don’t even read DC books other than Batman and everytime i see them i just think “Man I bet a lot of people hate seeing these every week.”