Preview: Sparkshooter

You’ll see some exclusive previews for Sparkshooter around the web, but this one is special. This one is ours.

Launching on February 29, a day which almost doesn’t exist, Sparkshooter is written by Troy Brownfield, with art by Sarah Vaughn. I’ll tell you this; it’s about a band, and those guys have guitars, and that gets my attention. Find out more when it launches at


  1. That’s pretty funny. Link bookmarked.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. In fact, that is something I like in my comics. Violator was one of, if not the actual, first cassette tape I ever owned. I was the most fun kid ever…

  4. Dude! That’s funny!
    Never read a web comic before though…

  5. So all the guitarists play their guitars fingerstyle like a bass? Definately an indie band…

  6. @Grandturk If you’re referencing the full cast pic, that’s really just an aesthetic kind of representation. Elihu (on the right on the couch) has a pick, and Sean (left) and Lowell (bass, not in this particular piece) generally use them too. Although I do like the idea of having Sean do a little Lindsey Buckingham style since I first saw Sarah’s rendition up there.

    And thanks to everyone for their kind words! Glad you enjoyed it. Lots more to come.