Preview: Sparkshooter

You’ll see some exclusive previews for Sparkshooter around the web, but this one is special. This one is ours.

Launching on February 29, a day which almost doesn’t exist, Sparkshooter is written by Troy Brownfield, with art by Sarah Vaughn. I’ll tell you this; it’s about a band, and those guys have guitars, and that gets my attention. Find out more when it launches at


  1. lifesend lifesend says:

    That’s pretty funny. Link bookmarked.

  2. HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. itsbecca itsbecca says:

    In fact, that is something I like in my comics. Violator was one of, if not the actual, first cassette tape I ever owned. I was the most fun kid ever…

  4. T.G.Rogers T.G.Rogers says:

    Dude! That’s funny!
    Never read a web comic before though…

  5. Grandturk says:

    So all the guitarists play their guitars fingerstyle like a bass? Definately an indie band…

  6. @Grandturk If you’re referencing the full cast pic, that’s really just an aesthetic kind of representation. Elihu (on the right on the couch) has a pick, and Sean (left) and Lowell (bass, not in this particular piece) generally use them too. Although I do like the idea of having Sean do a little Lindsey Buckingham style since I first saw Sarah’s rendition up there.

    And thanks to everyone for their kind words! Glad you enjoyed it. Lots more to come.