Preview: Planetoid #4

Out there on the rock, there is a ladder.

That spire climbs skyward, up through the atmosphere, out into the darkness. A docking station. A gateway to the cosmos at large. Silas and his weary band of refugees would like nothing more than to rise up out of the wasteland, to hitch a ride back to their homes, to peace, to anywhere but the rock.

But that ladder is hardly a stairway to heaven. At its pinnacle are whole new threats for our hero. Judgement has come to the planetoid and to Silas.

Next week, delusions of liberty, a savage battle with a lethal robot, a kangaroo court, captivity and revolution. Oh, and lizards. It all erupts in Ken Garing’s Planetoid #4.

Planetoid #4
By Ken Garing

After a period of calm the Ono Mao strike back! How long can the newly formed settlement survive without the protection of Silas?

Now, how’s about that preview?



  1. I was just today wondering when the heck the next issue of this would be coming out. I really enjoyed the first three issues, the art is truly amazing.

    • I also was wondering what happened with this series. I better check my pull list to make sure it is still listed, may have taken it off thinking it had stopped publishing!

    • There were a few delays with these last two issues, but when you consider it’s one guy doing this all by himself, it’s pretty reasonable. I’ve read the issue and it’s really satisfying. He covers a lot of ground. Very cool ground. There’s a fight with a robot in here that made me yelp.

    • It was meant to be out this week, but I don’t mind waiting for it such a great achievement & really an awesome series, good job Ken Garing!

  2. trade waiting this

  3. So far this series is really good. I hope folks give it a shot.

  4. What about the frogs? Are the frogs okay? WHAT ABOUT THE FROGS!?!

  5. Glad to see this is finally coming out!

  6. I am happy this is finally coming out. I love this book. On another note, what ever happened to Hickmans “Secret”?

    • Probably on a hiatus as well. Both cases are a little annoying but I’d probably rather a late issue than a cobbled together rush-job by ten artists ala Marvel/DC. I’m sure Image likes keeping monthly deadlines but creators seem to be able to take an extra month sometimes. Fatale, Mind The Gap, America’s Got Powers, Morning Glories have all done it and their art is probably still top-notch because of it. Waiting sucks though.

  7. This is why it doesn’t make sense to put out single issues at all. Just write/draw the book. Get it all together and put it out in a single volume. Give me a single package to buy.