PREVIEW: Mind The Gap #6

If you’re looking for a good jumping on point for Mind The Gap, the thriller by Jim McCann and Rodin Esquejo from Image Comics, now is your chance! Coming off the first story arc (for which the trade is now available), Mind The Gap #6 kicks off the next major arc in the mystery that jumps minds.

If you’re not familiar with Mind The Gap, here’s what you need to know:  Elle was attacked on a subway platform and now lies in a hospital in coma.  Inside her mind though, she’s alive and her spirit can jump into the bodies of other people in comas.  Meanwhile, in the real world, the mystery as to who tried to kill her develops.  We ended the first story arc with an arrest and that’s where this next issue picks up…

Mind The Gap #6

Story by: Jim McCann
Art By: Rodin Esquejo
Cover By: Rodin Esquejo
Variant Cover by: Sonia Oback

Image Comics – $2.99


New Arc! Great Jumping on point! Join the mystery everyone is talking about!!

As one person sits in a jail cell for the crime of attacking Elle Peterssen, the accuser is running free. Is a pawn about to become pain? Meanwhile, Elle is on the brink of contacting the physical world, but will resurfacing memories drive her further away? This issue begins the ending of many relationships as you know them, secrets laid bare, and not everyone will make it out in one piece..

Get a taste for the mystery with this preview of the first 5 pages of Mind The Gap #6, available in comic shops this week!


  1. Seriously, anyone who isn’t reading this book should check it out. It is fantastically written with top notch art. A legitimate mystery, great characters, very well otter, some great ideas in here. And reading it in issues rewards you with a great letters page and some bonus commentary from Jim McCann that really adds to the experience. I can’t recommend this book enough.

    • Maaaan, I’m real interested in this book and I think John just sold me on it. I like McCann and Esquejo too. Bah, I already buy too many books but when the next trade drops I’ll try and jump on.

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite books!

  3. I read the first trade a few weeks ago and it was awesome! plus it’s only £6.75/ $9.99 on amazon

  4. This is a really good title & well worth the investment!