Preview: GARFIELD #8 “The Tale of Santa Mouse” [Exclusive]

That’s right you greedy, fat cats, if you want to get your lasagna stained paws on the next issue of Garfield, you’ll have to wait until next week. But until then, we’ve got this preview of Garfield #8 to tide you over.

And I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking it’s not for you. But I know that somewhere, deep inside, there used to be a Garfield fan. I was. And that fan, lapsed though he may be, is kind of curious if you can recapture the magic. Go ahead. No one’s judging you. It was funny once.

This one’s out next week, and this bit is written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Andy Hirsch and Mark & Stephanie Heike.


  1. Some of my first comics were Garfield. No shame in appreciating the classics!

    I always used to get choked up watching the Garfield Christmas Special.

  2. I’ll read this, but only because I love Christmas.

  3. I own a ton of those old, thick paperback collections. I used to read them over and over again as a kid. Haven’t read a Garfield in a very long time (and honestly I’m unlikely to pick this up) but Jim Davis was at one time second only to Bill Watterson as the greatest working cartoonist. Come to think of it, the late eighties and early nineties were a wonderful time for funny papers. But now I’m rambling. Garfield = Classic.

  4. …it was funny once… this sample not so much… but I’m weird, I kinda prefer Garfield minus Garfield…