If you checked out the new Fantastic Four #1 and want a peek at what’s coming up next from Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley, then we have good stuff for you, just down there a little bit.

Reed and company are going on a trip. Won’t you join them? Look for it on December 12.


  1. The first issue was a nice surprise. It’s hard to come in after Hickman, but Fraction does a good job of setting his own tone to the story.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I think Hickman’s run is possibly the best FF story ever. I came into this ready to hate it but was pleasantly surprised by what Fraction is setting up.

  2. Fraction, Bagley, Allred: I’m with you. Looking forward both Fantastic Four and FF.

  3. Good book

  4. Has Onome been made a boy and suddenly much taller? I haven’t read the #1 issue yet – Hopefully tonight, but is Bagley and/or Fraction having trouble with the Foundation kids THAT much, that they can’t seem to remember a detail such as this? Maybe there is a new character added in #1 that explains it?

  5. While I enjoyed Hickman’s run, I didn’t love it as much as most other people seemed to. I did think it was good, but I felt the ideas themselves were better than the execution of the ideas. If I was grading it, I would give it a B or B+. I was ready for a change of pace, and I think Fraction might be just what I needed to happen. Iron Man has been my favorite super hero for 30 years and I loved what he did with him. The Fantastic Four has been my favorite team book for almost as long, so I am definitely excited for this run!