Perhaps it’s a good thing you broke all your Warner Bros. Store pint glasses?

A while back, Josh's Green Lantern pint glass, purchased at the Warner Bros. Store, was broken. Josh wrote a nice piece on it and the store itself.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that he doesn't drink out of that glass anymore.

The Associated Press reported over the weekend that the decorative enamel on glasses sold at the Warner Bros. Store contained between 16% and 30.2% lead. That would be well above the 0.03% limit set by the federal government on these types of products.

I'm not a scientist, but that's a lot more.

Oh, and just for fun, the enamel was also shown to contain "dangerously high" levels of cadmium.

The Associated Press had a lab test a Wonder Woman pint glass and it was found to have lead levels 533 times the federal limit. A Superman pint glass was 617 times higher, a Batman pint glass 750 times higher, and Josh's Green Lantern pint glass was found to be 677 times higher than the federal limit.

Nowhere was a Flash pint glass mentioned so… I'm probably good, right?


  1. stuclach stuclach says:

    I was wondering why you guys had such glowy skin.

  2. Bendrix Bendrix says:

    I remember that pint glasses advertised in Previews ( I think they been The Goon-themed) had a disclaimer that they are not made to actually drink out of them.

  3. s1lentslayer s1lentslayer says:

    You should have known something was wrong when you’d set off metal detectors even though you had no metal on you.

  4. zombox zombox says:

    I would just be pissed I didn’t get superpowers.

  5. Neb Neb says:

    Ah those were the good old days…when lead was a part of the national diet.

  6. what about Batman coffee mugs!?!?!? I’m drinking out of it right now! hahaha. Man, this sounds like a superhero backstory in the making…BEHOLD…. LEAD-MAN!

  7. Simmons Simmons says:

    No Daxamite jokes?

  8. I’m sure this impurity was purposefully implated by the Guardians as some sort of failsafe.

  9. @neb–if you’re looking for lead, cadmium cobalt and other heavy metals to be introduced into your system just get a tattoo! All those things can be regularly found in the inks as its an unregulated industry. 

  10. ctrosejr ctrosejr says:

    The enamel and paint was on the outside of the glass, right?  So, it didn’t come into contact with your drink, did it?

  11. ato220 ato220 says:

    Lead.  Black.  Like Doll’s eyes.

  12. Jesse1125 Jesse1125 says:

    @ctrosejr.. it probably would leech out over time and find its way into your system, or if you’re prone to licking the character before you take a swig….um, just saying

  13. Quinn says:

    Yes!  Batman has the highest lead count!  Batman kicks everybody’s ass, even in the "having more lead in your cheap pint-glass" category.

  14. Perhaps I shouldn’t drink exclusively from my Toon Tumblers and Star Trek glasses from Burger King…

  15. Oh, wait, the Toon Tumblers website says they use lead free paint.  This is good.  So it’s just the Trekkies that are killing me.

  16. Well if it’s lead poisoning it would explain your guys insomnia, delirium, memory loss, and your decreased urine output…..That last one I especially noticed in your shows. :)

  17. Bryce31 Bryce31 says:

    I hope this only applies to the pint glasses, I don’t want to get rid of my superman mug.

  18. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @Bryce31: Yeah, my oversized JLA coffee mug gets A LOT more use than the Flash pint glass does…

  19. "Man that coffee was delicious. Were thoset coco flakes you added?"-Conor

  20. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @TNC: It might explain why I am always setting off metal detectors.

  21. ccarney ccarney says:

    Saw a website selling pint glases with all these characters.

  22. Swifty Swifty says:

    Of all the coverage I’ve seen of this story, this has the best accompanying image by far.

  23. edward says:

    Lead is a horrible horrible chemical. It’s particularly bad for children (luckily no children would want these glasses) it cause all sorts of developmental problems and actually causes brain damage like issues in adults… sorry, conor 


  24. AMuldowney AMuldowney says:

    I’m hoping for new and crazy personality shifts as the neurological symptoms of chronic lead poisoning fade.  Watch, Conor quits drinking and makes amends with his ex girlfriends.  Ron loses the ‘burns and turns his back on britpop, and Josh gets priapic when Deadpool comes out.

  25. @conor: So for you, the new TSA pat-downs are nessicary!

    BAM! Topical Humor!!

  26. bluedream bluedream says:

    Come on.. these are collectors glasses. You were suppose to keep its lead-y goodness in the box :)


  27. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Well this is disconcerting.

  28. Superyan Superyan says:

    What about coffee mugs?  I have a superman coffee mug from WB store… i drink out of it often.. do i have lead poisoning?? ahhhhhh

  29. xoman xoman says:

    Crap! I was just gonna buy a few of the new ones. The Teen Titans one looked awesome.

    Also, not just lead, but cadmium was in the paint. 

  30. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @xomanL Did you not read the fifth paragraph?

  31. @superyan–yeah i have the same one but in Batman–use it at least a few times a week. uh oh!

    @edward–the problem with lead is that it tastes sweet. I have a friend in social services who told me kids eat lead paint chips cause it tastes like candy apparently. It can completely mess you up. Even artists who use lead based paints feel severe effects from exposure and fumes after a short while.  

  32. edward says:

    yup. I did an assignment at uni about the effects of a lead smelting plant called pasminco near a major city in Australia. I can’t believe how messed up that situation was