New Comics for 11.14.2012 would probably go for Jack the Ripper

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Ron Richards has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you could be magically given the full truth about any of the great (or not so great) mysteries of history, which would you choose and why?


  1. Pretty heavy week for me:

    All New X-Men #1
    Batman #14
    Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities #2
    Conan #10
    Fantastic Four #1
    Frankenstein #14
    Mind MGMT #0
    Peter Pazerfaust #7
    Saga #7
    The Amazing Spider-Man #697
    The Creep #3
    The Massive #6
    The Walking Dead #104
    Thor: God of Thunder #1
    Wolverine & The X-Men #20

    Looking forward to Saga #7 the most.

  2. Amazing Spider-man 697
    Batman 14
    Saga 7

  3. Whew, this looks like an awesome week. Saga, Frankenstein, Wolverine and the X-Men, Punk Rock Jesus, Batman, and All New X-Men would all get votes for my most anticipated book of the week.

    I’d like to know how much Dr. Samuel Mudd and Mary Surrat knew about the Lincoln Assassination beforehand.

  4. Lively week for me :- Batgirl #14, Batman #14, Batman & Robin #14, Demon Knights #14, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #14, Team 7 #2, Point of Impact #2 & Saga #7.

    BQ: What really led Adolf Hitler to declare war on the United States after Pearl Harbour? There is a universe of educated opinion but we don’t know the actual reasoning or lack of it.

    We do know that it played into Roosevelt’s & Churchill’s hands so perfectly, what with the desired, “Germany First” policy. It gave Germany no advantage whatsoever & guaranteed the 3rd Reich’s downfall.

    Well, you did ask 😉

    • The Soviet Union seemed on the edge of defeat in late 1941 and it looked like a good time for Germany and Japan to divide up Eurasia between them. Also, Hitler figured he’d be fighting America by 1943 anyway.

    • i’m more curious as to why Hitler turned on his Soviet allies so quickly when he wanted to dominate the planet. he should have waited to stab Stalin in the back after the playing was more leveled.
      invading Russia, particularly in winter, seems idiotic. See Napoleon in the 1800’s.
      he clearly spead his line WAY too thin. apparently he never played Risk the board game. you seldom can hold on to that Eastern European/ Asian front despite being given 7 new men at the beginning of each turn. 😀

    • *playing field* was more leveled.

    • @Andrew Gaboury – interesting points, which I pretty much agree with but I still have questions.

      On Dec. 5th 1941, Hitler was forced to acquiesce to his General Staff’s insistence on retreating from the seige of Moscow. A genuine change in fortune, at the end of an admittedly successful year.

      The core problem wasn’t tactical though.
      The Germans were totally aware of the sheer comparitive colossus that was the U.S. economy & it was well understood that to wage war with it, was to guarantee eventual defeat, regardless of circumstances.

      I’m just curious about their final flawed analysis.

    • @sitara119 – for what it’s worth I’d suggest :-

      1. By Spring 1941,German war-machine was suffering from a lack of resources, particularly oil. They had 2 options : Russian oilfields or British controlled Middle East.
      2. Britain was still in the war, had got through the Battle of Britain & was almost bankrupt. Certainly in no position to even consider an offensive strategy.
      3. It was considered that by mid ’42, Russian forces would have been substantially strengthened. Potentially able to attack. Politically likely to attack.

      Military doctrine : take out your strongest enemy first.
      So, blitzkrieg the Red Army now & negotiate a subsequent peace with an utterly isolated Britain in ’42. Perhaps.

      Pearl Harbor really did change everything.

      Adolf really should have taken Australasia & enjoyed barbies on the beach whilst working on his paintings.

    • very interesting points.

  5. ALL-NEW X-MEN #1
    TEAM 7 #2

    Who killed JFK?

    • my first thought.

    • haha nice

    • The problem I have with the who killed JFK question is the answer would probably be rather mundane and boring.
      It’s only interesting because we don’t know, chances are if you asked an all knowing entity that question they’d answer with “John Doe, you don’t know him he never did anything else of note” and that would be your one question gone.

    • it’s less important who the individual was who pulled the trigger and more about who was behind the conspiracy of it all or who was involved in high ranking positions. the mob, CIA, LBJ, Nixon, Castro, Lex Luthor… a combination. Why the Warren commission is ok with selling us the “magic bullet” theory.
      E. Howard Hunt, an intelligence officer with the CIA, recently confessed on his deathbed to being involved along with other CIA operatives in the assassination.
      the mystery is a lot bigger than the identity of “John Doe”.

  6. Batman 14
    Batgirl 14
    All New Xmen 1
    Fantastic Four 1
    Amazing Spiderman 697
    Wolverine and the Xmen 20
    Peter Panzerfaust 7
    Saga 7

    BQ: I would definitely want to be in the room for the Molotov-Ribbentropp Talks and the Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  7. Batman #14
    Saucer Country #9

    BQ: What happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste?

  8. Batman
    All New X-Men
    New Avengers
    GL Corps
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates

    BQ: The 4-Toed Statue in Lost. That or Stonehenge….

  9. B.Q. Roswell.

  10. This weeks pick of the week shall be interesting.
    Punk Rock Jesus
    All New X-Men
    Thor: God of Thunder
    Walking Dead
    and I finally jumped on the Saga bandwagon. Everyone I let borrow my trade has been hooked.

    BQ: I would go to the Gettysburg Address and hear what Abe Lincoln’s voice really sounded like. I’m hoping Gilbert Gottfried.

    • Awesome choice. I had a Civil War history professor in grad school who did an impression of Lincoln based on descriptions from the time. I can only describe it as a nasally Kentucky accent. I’d love to hear how close he was.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Batman and Robin, Fantastic Four, Damsels and most importantly, SAGA!!!

    BQ: I agree with the Jack the Ripper pick. I would love to know the truth, then re-read From Hell and see how accurate Alan Moore was.

  12. Great week! I usually only offer two or three books that I’m really excited about, but this week that’s impossible.

    Saga! All New X-Men! God of Thunder! W&TXM! Batman!

    BQ: The JFK assassination. Or Roswell. I’m a fan of the classics.

  13. BATMAN #14
    SAGA #7
    ALL NEW X-MEN #1

    BQ: Is there life out there? Be it a parallel universe or extra-terrestrial life light years away. The answer might just resolve some very important matters causing strife for us, I would say.

  14. A good week with Saga finally back and Batman just going on with the Joker.

    BQ: Hitler’s death. Did he commit suicide with a cyanide pill or has he lived on ?

  15. Batman
    Thor: God of Thunder
    Wolverine & the X-Men
    Fantastic Four
    Amazing Spider-Man
    ST:TNG/Doctor Who

    BQ: Hard to choose! Roanoke, DB Cooper, the death of Edgar Allen Poe!

  16. Lots of big books coming out this week!

  17. Batman
    Suicide Squad – maybe, pending in store browse through
    Frankenstein — F*ck you, DC for cancelling this
    The Massive
    Thor – worth a shot
    Fantastic Four – worth a shot
    Scalped TPB

  18. SAGA #7 and Where is Jake Ellis #1!!! So excited.

    BQ: Black Dahilia

  19. Batman
    Batman and Robin

    BQ: The only thing I could think of is who Jack the Ripper was, and maybe Zodiac killer too. Cause most ‘history’s mysteries’ are pretty easy to figure out. JFK was killed by Oswald, Stonehenge was used as an astronomical tool, and the Pyramids were made with A LOT of slave labor.

    • if you think Oswald killed JFK with a magic bullet, i think you should reevaluate the evidence and/or the laws of physics. in addition Kennedy’s head, when reviewing the film, clearly is knocked backward after one of the shots despite the fact that Oswald was positioned high behind the motorcade in the book depository.

  20. Is this the first time Saga and Batman have released the same week? Should be interesting to see the POW after Saga won Paul’s “best current ongoing” poll.

    BQ: Ark of the Covenant. What happened to it after Solomon’s temple was destroyed and does it really melt faces?

  21. Tell me where the Ark of the Covenant is and who or what really happened to JFK, and I will be happy.

  22. Looking forward to “Death in the Family” titles.

    BQ: Moses and the Red Sea!

  23. Alright! Saga and Peterpanzerfaust are back!
    BQ: Either, what happened to Hoffa or what really started the Great Chicago fire.

  24. Awesome week!
    Punk Rock Jesus
    GL Corps
    and Batgirl.
    First three I can’t wait for… Excited.

  25. All New X-Men #1
    Batman #14
    Fantastic Four #1
    The Walking Dead #104
    Thor: God of Thunder #1

    BQ: Ancient mysteries (Göbekli Tepe, Pumapunku, the Yonaguni monument, the pyramids of Egypt/Mexico/China, etc.)

  26. It’s a great week of comics for me; the return of Saga, I’m jumping on to Fantastic Four (Now!), plus more Punk Rock Jesus, and oh yeah BATMAN!!

    Classic Popeye
    Fantastic Four
    Saucer Country
    The Creep
    The Massive
    So many good books, I don’t know what to read first, that’s a great problem to have.
    BQ: Hmmmm… good question, there are so many. I guess The Bermuda Triangle, or the Voynich Manuscript. How about why people got so butthurt about the ending of Lost?

    • The Voynich Manuscript mystery is fascinating anyway you slice it. Even if it’s a hoax, whoever wrote it made no mistakes and the best code breakers in the world couldn’t figure it out.

  27. Stupid mobile browser. Was trying to say that comic book stores are gonna be busy this week! Sign me up for Saga, Locke + Key, Mind Mgmt and maybe Batman.

  28. Getting:

    Conan the Barbarian (declan shelvey!)

    Frankenstein: AoS
    Phantom Stranger


    Atomic Robo: flying she-devils of the pacific.

    BQ: i’ll defer to my fellow posters on this one:)

  29. Big, awesome week for me. Batman, Saga, All New X-Men, Wolverine and The X-Men, Thief of Thieves, Massive, Peter Panzerfaust, Punk Rock Jesus, and X-Men Legacy. Not a stinker in the bunch (we’ll see how Legacy goes, but I’m optimistic).

    BQ: Going personal, no one knows why my great-grandfather Ochalek came to the U.S so I’m curious to know what the deal is there. We’re not even 100% sure what country he came from.

  30. This week is killer for me. Had to drop some of the books I’m already a couple of issues because I don’t have enough money.

    • What I meant to say was I had to drop some books I had been reading because I refuse to buy everything. One of these days I will learn how to write.

  31. Picking up

    Punk Rock Jesus
    Scalped trade 10

    I’m also thinking about picking up Locke and Key. I’ve trade waited all of the others but this one I might have to double dip on.

    BQ: I would have to say the Philadelphia Experiment or the Tuskunga event.

  32. This is a rare and exciting week for me, I rarely have over 10 titles. But this week I have All New X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men Legacy, X-Treme X-Men, Gambit, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batgirl (DOTF), Suicide Squad (DOTF), Saga, and Massive.

    BQ: Who fired the first shot that started the American Revolution at Lexington?

  33. Big week this week:
    SAGA #7
    BATMAN #14

    BQ: Well I reckon Jack the Ripper was the loony nearest the door when it got left open one day, and so I’d go with what really happened to JFK.

  34. BQ: What’s up with the Bible? Real, fake, or all of the above? If some special magic could reveal the truth about that particular quandry, I’d take it.

  35. Saga
    Peter Panzerfaust
    Locke & Key
    Phantom Stranger
    Thor God of Thunder
    All New X-Men

    BQ: How and why were we created and if by a who, why again? How were the great pyramids built? Why did George Lucas let Jar Jar have so much screen time and not reshoot the wooden acting scenes in Attack of the Clones? Why do the blue aliens in Prometheus want to destroy us? (Although I think I know why) DId Jack sleep with both roommates in Threes Company? What happened in the end of Lost?

  36. BQ: Too many Rick Geary books to choose from.

  37. wow, what a big week. I have 22 books on my pull list this week. My wallet is crying, but my brain is rejoicing.

    BQ: What would the world be like if Jason Todd won the phone poll and hadn’t been killed. Just kidding, can’t think of a good answer.

  38. Whatever happened to the rule that Marvel NOW would be one #1 book a week for forty-some weeks? I always thought that seemed liked a missed opportunity to promote a line-wide rebranding, so I’m not surprised they’re changing.

    BQ: This is probably stretching the rules of the question, but I would love to see exactly what Jesus did and didn’t do. I’m an atheist who is fascinated by the role religion played in mankind’s history. To see what truthfully did happen, and how it got spun by people of power over the years would be incredibly illuminating.

  39. All my favorites this week:
    Saga, Mind MGMT, Batman, Think Tank, and Punk Rock Jesus!

  40. I think I have every book this week.

    B.Q. – Nicola Tesla.

  41. I don’t know if someone’s mentioned this and I missed it, but the obvious huge mystery that no one’s mentioned is this: I’d ask Bendis what was in the closet.

  42. I’m buying six books, and all but one are $3.99…..damn.

  43. Batman, All-New X-Men, Thor, Saga.

    BQ: BEST BONUS QUESTION EVER. certainly the most thought provoking i’ve had the pleasure of reading. a lot of thoughtful responses as well. the only thing i can think of that hasn’t been mentioned is whether or not there’s any truth to ancient astronaut theory.

  44. ALL-NEW X-MEN #1
    BATGIRL #14
    BATMAN #14
    SAGA #7

    Yay Saga! Still bummed about Frank, but sticking with it to the bitter end.

    BQ: I’d find out what’s in the closet. And then probably not tell Ron.

  45. Great week with Batman, Saga, Punk Rock Jesus, The Massive, Where is Jakes Ellis?, Great Pacific & Scalped Vol.10!!!

    BQ- Anal beads?

  46. BQ- Bigfoot.

  47. BQ: Who was phone?

  48. Too many books! I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to release every comic book known to man all in one week, but my wallet’s not a fan. Think I’ll give most of the Marvel NOW! books (New X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Thor) a shot, and it’s always nice to see a new issue of Saga.

    BQ: Why UVB-76 the buzzer ( exists or what really happened to DB Cooper.

  49. So does anyone know when Ron is going to post his All New X-Men #1 POTW review?

  50. Batman #14
    Conan the Barbarian #10

    Hmm…didn’t realize it was such a short list!

    BQ: Wow, the real truth? So many things come to mind….i choose what really happened, in the Bermuda Triangle, to all those boats and planes?…or, was there any conspiracy to the Kennedy assassination?…or did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide or was she murdered?…or what is Stonehenge really?…or…oh hell i can’t make my mind!

  51. Big week! Bring on the Saga! Invincible and Red She-Hulk too!

    ALL-NEW X-MEN #1
    BATGIRL #14

    BQ: The construction method used for the Great Pyramids. I mean seriously, those things are wicked-huge.