Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Jason Aaron on Wolverine & The X-Men

The latest in the ongoing series of press conference calls hosted by Marvel Comics to hype upcoming releases related to Marvel NOW!, we heard today from the creative team behind Wolverine & The X-Men, including writer Jason Aaron, artist Nick Bradshaw and X-Men editor Nick Lowe. Undeterred by the turbulent weather on the east coast due to Hurricane Sandy, the team was ready to lay down what fans can expect from year 2 of Wolverine & The X-Men.

Coming off the gut punch of issue #18, excitement levels on the call were high as Aaron and Bradshaw expressed their immense happiness with the nature of how the book has been received by fans.  Jason Aaron commented that “I feel very thankful that I’ve gotten to do an offbeat book like this,” and acknowledged the fan reaction to the events of issue #18 validated that he’s doing something right.  To have so many fans react to a new character like Broo was a delight to Aaron, “It made my day.” Aaron also added that it’s exactly those type of stories that he’d like to tell with this book, and that fans shouldn’t dismiss the book as a silly book, and not to get too comfortable when reading Wolverine & The X-Men.

Hearing artist Nick Bradshaw talk about the book was interesting as, personally, I haven’t heard him speak of his work on the title, which has been energetic and full of life. Bradshaw expressed excitement about the number of different type of characters he gets to draw, highlighting much of what readers can expect moving forward including Sasquatch, Gorilla-Man, Storm and even Frankenstein as an upcoming arc features Frankenstein and his “Murder Circus” coming to Westchester.  When talking about Bradshaw, editor Nick Lowe raved about his work, “You are watching someone start to become a superstar here”

The Wolverine & X-Men team dropped alot of news and updates on what we can expect from upcoming issues, so we’ll recap and break them down for you:

  • Wolverine & The X-Men #19, out this week, features the search for a new teacher to replace Husk who has resigned
  • SPOILER ALERT – the new teacher to join the staff is none other than Storm, who Aaron promises will introduce some interesting pairings, including her interactions with Wolverine
  • Issue #19 will include two new mutants coming to the school
  • As mentioned above, the upcoming arc following issue #19 focuses on Frankenstein and his Murder Circus
  • While Husk has left the school, her story is not over and Aaron promises that fans can keep track of her thanks to her Twitter account, which, in a way, will be a Twitter crossover between the book and the tweets
  • In addition to Husk, fans can expect more activity amongst the characters on Twitter
  • Kitty Pryde and Iceman will finally go out in a date in issue #24
  • There are big plans for Genesis (or Kid Apocalypse as Aaron referred to him) that have involved Aaron to work with Rick Remender (Who created the character in Uncanny X-Force) and will play out into 2014
  • While Wolverine & The X-Men will intermingle with All-New X-Men, don’t expect it until after issue #6 of All-New X-Men
  • Young Jean Grey, from All-New X-Men, will be appearing in Wolverine & The X-Men #24
  • Issue #20 will focus on Angel, as he becomes one of the schools first “graduates” and embarks on his “internship” as Aaron put it
  •  Kid Gladiator may be gone from the school, but we haven’t seen the last of him

As you can tell, Aaron, Bradshaw, Lowe and even Ramon Perez, the artist on an upcoming arc involving the Savage Land, have alot planned for Wolverine & The X-Men as it moves into 2013.   With the mandate of keeping readers on their toes, working in new characters and and increased involvement in the greater Marvel Universe, Jason Aaron is focused on increasing the impact of the school and it’s students.  “The school and these characters are a big part of what’s going on in the X-Universe and the Marvel Universe in general. Especially as a part of Marvel NOW!” Aaron explained as he continued the mantra of Marvel’s writers as they enter into the age of Marvel NOW!

Wolverine & The X-Men has been one of our favorite books in this past year and we’re pleased to see Marvel dedicated to what Aaron is putting together for the title, and as you can tell from the expansive preview of art from upcoming issues, Nick Bradshaw is one of the brightest new talents in comics and he’s really turning out some special art in response to the top notch stories Aaron is dreaming up.

Wolverine & The X-Men #19 goes on sale this Wednesday. You can see preview art below as well as tons of art from upcoming issues below:


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  3. Broo’s on the cover! Broo’s on the cover!

  4. Does anyone know if Jason Aaron is writing the character Twitter accounts? They were pretty fun to follow along with and they definitely seemed faithful to the characterizations in the books.

  5. Hey is that Firestar? Bout time we see her.

  6. Oh I get it! Broo is wearing a leash in those pages and on the cover of 25 Wolverine is holding him back. The Hellfire brats must’ve knocked out a large part of Broo’s brain, and now his savage impulses are beginning to take over. Calling it.