Marvel NOW! Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat on X-MEN: LEGACY

Exclusive news comes from MTV Geek on the next Marvel NOW! relaunch title, X-Men: Legacy written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Tan Eng Huat. They spoke with Spurrier, who had some things to say, but not a lot. Basically, the series will have Legion, the son of Charles Xavier. Other than that, details are sparse, like who else is on the team and what’s going to happen.

Here’s a touch of what Spurrier has to say about the main character:

I hesitate to say too much about him because part of the journey we’ll be taking is about meeting this amazing guy properly for the first time. But there are a few obvious notes you’d expect to see: he’s haunted by the trouble he’s inadvertently caused in the past, he’s shaped to a certain extent by his relationship with his father, and he’s constantly anxious about his own mind. He’s got a fascinating setup: he’s one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe but he can’t trust his own brain. That’s a fantastic, and often spooky, tension.

I’ve made a few other stylistic choices too, because all too often David’s been treated as a Walking Plot Point rather than a fleshed-out character – it’s vital to reverse that trend. People tend to forget he grew up on Muir Island, so I’m instilling him with a faintly British – even slightly Scottish – accent. It lends itself well to sarcastic sniping, and I’m finding that as I get to know David he’s kinda characterised by a rich vein of black gallows humour. He’s seen so much tragedy and trauma, but he’s witty and sharp and able to force a sad smile in any situation. One snarky sod, basically – although underneath it all he’s the same frightened kid, scared of himself, as ever.

Above all he’s a good guy. He wants to help – to matter – to make the world a better place. It’s just that he’s completely conflicted, not to mention constantly facing violent opposition, whenever he tries to figure out how to go about it.

Look for X-Men: Legacy #1 in the fall, and maybe you’ll find out about all that stuff he can’t talk about.


  1. cprevite cprevite says:

    So far, this is the only Marvel NOW! book I’m not interested in. Just don’t care.

    That is a great cover collage though.

  2. bub64882 bub64882 says:

    If issue 1 doesn’t prominently feature a haircut, I’m out. I just can’t stand looking on that guy on the page.

  3. nastysnow nastysnow says:

    what had simon Spurrier done before not familiar with his name

  4. Didn’t Legion die like 20 years ago? Was he ever brought back?

  5. MaxPower MaxPower says:

    Not sure I have any interest in reading it, but i think that cover is fantastic. Especially the title type. Where’s wallythegreenmonster at to give his design analysis?

  6. daningotham daningotham says:

    I will check this out for sure.

  7. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I was considering to get this for Spurrier, but I strongly dislike Legion. I’m on the fence.

  8. RedBaron504 RedBaron504 says:

    It almost looks like an Invisibles cover. Very cool.

  9. Slym Slym says:

    I hope this solves the Xavier beach party in suits mystery in AvX.

  10. y2kkev y2kkev says:

    Please don’t let this be the X-men’s answer to the last Moon Knight series. Or is it a team book with Legion Wolverine, Namor, Cable and Magneto?

    • Ainslo Ainslo says:

      Namor!!! is that who that is, i had the others bu could get that last one. Do you know which book? or am i going to far into the abyss. Cheers

    • y2kkev y2kkev says:

      Nope, I was wrong! It’s Cyclops from the cover of Giant Sized X-men #1. Where he’s in black and white with the original team as he and the new team bust through.
      The only reason I can tell is because I did a homage drawing to the old Gil Kane cover with the Young Justice team and Justice League.

  11. I’m a fan of Simon’s work in 2000AD, so take with a grain of salt, but it’s a little funny and self-serving how he associates Britishness with lending well to sarcasm and wit.