Marvel NOW! Point One: Enter The Young Avengers?

All this week, we’ve been seeing glimpses of the subjects of Not Nick Fury’s dossiers on Marvel Characters as they grace the cover of Marvel NOW! Point One, with art by Adi Granov, coming this October.  So far, we’ve seen Nova, Cable and Ant-Man and today, Marvel has bestowed on us the next dossier to be be revealed:

Well, that’s definitely Wiccan from the Young Avengers joined by Kid Loki from Journey Into Mystery and a mystery female character Miss America from Vengeance.  Could this be a new incarnation of the Young Avengers? We’ve got the full solicitation text for the book below, and if you notice amongst the writers and artists are Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (of Phonogram fame).  Add into the fact that this past year has shown Kieron Gillen writing some of the best stuff at Marvel with Kid Loki in Journey Into Mystery and well, that adds up to something that I could potentially be very excited for.


Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA
Sketch Variant Cover by JOE QUESADA
Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG


64 PGS./Rated T+ …$5.99


  1. I’m kind of excited for this Marvel Re-Launch. It will give me a chance to try some of the Marvel titles I have been wanting too but too afraid I wouldn’t know what was going on. I’m sure long time Marvel readers don’t like it. I was very angry when DC did their reboot last year as a long time DC reader. But being a new Marvel reader it is pretty exciting.

    • I’m much more of a Marvel guy than DC, but when the new52 happened I definitely gave a bunch of DC books a shot and am still reading several of them… so this kind of stuff works. I just hope they don’t do anything to the books I really enjoy like Wolverine & The X-Men.

    • From everything I’ve read it’s not necessarily going back to the beginning like DC did (mostly), just renumbering and theoretically creating new starting points. But Marvel did something similar a few times in the recent past after major events, and the #1s could still be reaaaaally hard to follow without knowing recent history. I hope they do better this time than they have before, but…

  2. See, now I’m getting jazzed about this. We’re always moaning that Marvel never takes chances on smaller characters, but that looks like a lot of what NOW! is gonna be.

    Personally, any chance to add Nova, Young Avengers and Ant-Man to my pull list is ok by me.

  3. Really glad to see that Kid Loki is going to survive the re-whatever this is. Hopefully Kieron Gillen will continue to right him (hopefully Leah will continue to be a trusty sidekick – her snarky rapport with Loki is fantastic and always a ton of fun). WIccan might actually make a good teammate with Loki. Perhaps this is going to be a magic-oriented team? In any case, after my experience with the last $5.99 Point One, I think I’ll pass on the MarvelNow Point One – $5.99 for 64 pages of previews? I can wait for the real books…

  4. I felt so burned by their last anthology-ish “Point One” issue, when it turned out to be a glorified handful of preview pages from upcoming titles (did some of those not even come out? did anything happen with those twins?). Felt like I dropped a ridiculous $6 for the kind of content they usually give out for free. Despite some really talented creators on this, I’m going to pass on this unless I hear some really positive reviews.

    • It did seem like pretty much almost none of the things besides Ages of Apocalypse actually came out.

    • I hear you on that first Point One issue.

      I guess this has the benefit of introducing new books that are part of much larger launch of new books. That first point issue was an introduction to a lot of books that were entirely unrelated (what do Scarlet Spider and Age of Apocalypse have in common?) or to concepts that have yet to be explored in the books as far as I know (I’m thinking of that fire/ice sibling duo and the Bendis/Hitch future Avengers sequence).

      If Marvel works out a heavy discount deal like with the first Point One, I’ll consider it. But for $6 I’m passing.

    • i kinda view these things the same way as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sure its a lot of stuff for a good price, but its rare that i come away from it satisfied or feel that i had a good meal.

      unless i hear great things, its doubtful i’ll want to pay $6 for a comic regardless of page count.

  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    The time is Now! Marvel! Now! Seriously though I saw the same image 2 days ago with Cable on one of the files. Now!

  6. I really would like a Kieron Gillen written Yong Avengers title!

  7. I’m confused is this a reboot of the 616 or a third universe like ultimate.

  8. Yeah I have no idea what’s going on other than I’m losing Fantastic Four, FF, and Journey into Mystery. Fingers crossed Daredevil, Wolverine and the X-Men, and X-Factor survive the pandemonium.

    As far as reboots are concerned pre-52 I was reading Xombi and Secret Six. Post-52 I’m down to Wonder Woman (granted it’s awesome). I suspect something similar with Marvel NOW.

    • It’s been confirmed (so far) that Daredevil, Wolverine & The X-Men, and X-Factor are continuing and out from the Marvel NOW! re-launching.

    • I wonder what they will do with Amazing Spider-Man? I heard something crazy is going to happen around issue #700.

  9. #marvelNOW





    FREE Digital Digital Copy

    Movie / Ultimate Nick Fury Jr.

    Uhh What the hell is this supposed to be telling me about exactly?

    Wait this is for a comic?

    • Don’t forget the “001,” whatever that means. I’m sure it’ll all make a lot more sense when 4 more images of people you may or may not have ever seen before are inserted at weird angles on those folder labels.

    • personally, i’m excited for the new 616 marvelNOW! crossover gatefold cover with hologram AR. that’s some hot shit right there.

  10. And with “Marvel NOW! Point One” Marvel continues their innovative push for confusing titles.

  11. Gillen just wrote this to Nick Spencer on Twitter:

    “RT: Interesting theory from Ifanboy @nickspencer: They are still happening, these things… [referencing this article]”

    Iiiiiinteresting… Maybe this could mean Nick Spencer is actually writing this?


  12. Marvel flooded those first Point One anthologies so hard core that my shop gave me it for free. I thought that, for paying nothing, it wasn’t all that bad. Now, if I’d spent money that would be a different story.

  13. I feel like Marvel has never heard the phrase ” Too many cooks in the Kitchen ” .

  14. If the last unrevealed question mark is the Runaways, I will go crazy with excitement.

  15. Bleeding Cool thought this is a new ‘Warriors Three’ team….which actually wouldn’t be bad either.

    I’m gonna be ‘that guy’ (again) and say that while I like McKelvie’s art I gotta say it does not work for me with superheroes. X-Men: Season One was very stiff and not up to par with his other work. Same goes for Defenders….Just let him stick to what he knows.

  16. Ah! So Samuel Jackson is Nick Fury and The Rock is Nick Fury Jr.! That sorts it out.

    So far Marvel is teasing books with characters I like. Hmf!

  17. Sell me a bullshit Point One issue for six bucks once shame on you. Sell me on another shitty Point One issue shame on me.

  18. Two of marvel’s worst ideas in one book. I drank my hater’ade this morning

  19. I really hope if they are doing a young avengers book, Miss America isn’t replacing Patriot. He was my favorite character in that series.

  20. I can’t wait till Marvel NOW! shifts to Marvel, eh a few seconds ago.