Marvel NOW! Dustin Weaver Has AVENGERS Covered

Time to assemble again for the very first time!

Marvel has unveiled artist Dustin Weaver’s first three covers for this winter’s all new Avengers ongoing. Turns out you can make one mighty fine triptych when you slide all three together, like so:


Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena’s upcoming tenure on Avengers promises an expanded “interplanetary” scale with an even bigger roster of heroes. Who do you hope to see more of in the Marvel NOW! era? Like what you’re seeing so far?


  1. Is that Cannonball in the upper left corner?

    • I think that’s Johnny Storm

      I have to say this is much better than the generic EVERYBODY HUDDLED TOGETHER LOOKING AT THE CAMERA GRIMACING pose so many covers resort to for issue #1 of a team book.

    • aurgail aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

      I think it is Cannonball. I read in a Marvel NOW! interview somewhere that a couple of the characters from New Mutants would become Avengers. I guess that means Sam. Awesome! Plus Falcon is a great surprise too. Now who’s the guy in the dark on the first cover? And the fiery guy?
      All in all, I count 14 Avengers on these covers: who are the remaining four?

    • Yep that’s Cannonball and Sunspot in the picture.

    • I think Kaylon is making the best guess with Cannonball and Sunspot. That’s a nice suprise if it is. I remember when the JLA had a huge team. It made for some great stories. Let a lot of the second tier members get some good role time. I hope this isn’t a year long thing only. That would just suck. Some teams just don’t stay a team for long enough.

  2. Pretty good, all in all. Just pop in the Vision and I’m happy,

  3. Who’s the guy in the bottom left of the 1st cover… the logo is familiar to me but I can’t place it.

  4. you guys know what ever happen with shield. he and Hickman was doing?

    • It was meant to be coming out in October, but I’ve seen all of Marvels solicits up to November & nada!

    • Well on his blog Dustin Weaver basically said that Hickman was suddenly swamped with the whole Avengers vs X-Men and then Avengers gig so the scripts stopped coming in, So Dustin Weaver is basically implementing the Marvel Method to finish the remaining 2 issues and I think Hickman will make any adjustments before finishing the title. The reason for this is that S.H.I.E.L.D. was really Hickmans own thing out of continuity and that the title wasn’t a number 1 priority for Marvel

    • SHIELD is in continuity, it ties in to his Fantastic Four/FF stuff (Doom, Reed and Ben helped Nathanial Richards fix his multi-reality fractured self), Secret Warriors (turns out Michelangelo built the first LMDs) and AvX (Da Vinci in Kun Lun in the flash back issues of New Avengers).

  5. Cannonball and Sunspot on the Avengers? I was planning on at least checking out the first issue of this based on the creative team, but I think I just got sold on this book. Why can’t December be NOW?

    • completely agree…I wasnt planning on picking up Avengers or New Avengers, but I might be sold on this as well….budget might have to limit me to Avengers and Uncanny Avengers, unless the roster in New Avengers is something I really like

      Really, really excited for all the new marvel titles!

  6. looks like wolverine is really going to be everywhere in Marvel Now

  7. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the Cap and Thor covers? Something looks off to me…

  8. Anyone else think Hawkeye’s hair is weird?

    • What’s weird about a receding hairline? Millions of men the world over have one. I think it just makes him look more relatable. The Avengers can travel through space and battle gods, but no one can defeat the horrors of male pattern baldness!

  9. NOW! thats what I’m talking about, pre-ordered my copy of issue 1 last week, so getting psyched for this, Hickman, Opena & now Weaver doing covers a perfect package!

    • I think Jerome Opena is one of the most exciting artists working in comics today, and I’ve loved the imagination that Hickman’s brought to Fantastic Four, so the creative crew alone sold me on this series! The Weaver covers look bold, and I appreciate the interlocking design!

  10. I don’t know why, but looking at this it makes me think that maybe it’s time for Wolverine to update his costume.

  11. Can we not just have one really good avengers book? It’s this kind of s**t that drives me nuts.

  12. Funds mean I have to choose between this and Uncanny Avengers. Remender vs. Hickman: tie. Cassaday vs. Opena: tie. Which one? DAMMIT WHICH ONE?!

  13. Does anyone know what the happened to SHIELD issue 6? Did it come out and I missed it, or is that series pulling an All-Star Batman on us? Is it scheduled to finish? I really liked it and want to read the ending.

  14. Thor is doing some kind of weird asgardian exercise lunge…

  15. I’m not trying to be all negative here, I really love the Iron Man cover.

  16. I still think they should just publish one single huge comic called MARVEL NOW every week. All the teams and characters are mixed up in a bullshit morass anyways.

    • How do you know it’s a “bullshit morass”? We’re still at least 3-4 weeks ago from the release of the first Marvel Now book.

      That said, I understand that shuffling around characters that are historically X-clusive (ugh, sorry) could insult some traditionalist sensibilities, and it may well end up being a confusing mess. However, there’s nothing inherently confusing in the notion that super-powered mutants might think they could do more good as Avengers (in whatever official capacity or sanction they’re currently operating under).

      When I think about it, the fact that these characters haven’t intermingled more in the past is what seems more problematic to the idea of an interconnected fictional universe. I would suspect that the several hundred super-powered beings out in the world (out of 7 billion people on the planet) would probably seek each other out pretty regularly. Especially since the overwhelming majority of them are Americans.

    • No teams are discreet anymore, every book has the same characters in it.

      If you want every book and character to be the same that’s fine, they are. The term Avenger or X-Men, even Fantastic Four are virtually meaningless at this point. If you have an Avengers team that includes everyone why not just disband the X-men and Fantastic Four? What is the point of them? Why buy the Thing when you can get the gravel for free?

      The generality of the books all toeing the company wide narrative removes it from the personal and interesting for me. The writers and artists have no room to really express themselves, that is if they even want or care to. Do these characters care about normal people or normal crimes? No. Not really. It’s just heroes beating the crap out of each other all the time with a lot of casual Wakandan and New York City genocide in between.

      If you want to read Heroes Collective grey sludge comic that’s fine but I wish more books would mind their own business and try to do something more interesting then infinite alley-ooping without anyone actually putting the ball through the hoop.

    • You bring up some good points about the “trickle down” effects of event storytelling, but I disagree that the teams have lost their identities.

      Even though several characters regularly bounce between teams and the teams join together frequently, I think their core identities remain unchanged. The Avengers are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, loosely connected to SHIELD or the American government. The X-Men are mutants that try to be public super-heroes but whose actions are typically misunderstood, so they often stick to protecting themselves. The Fantastic Four is a family of science-explorers.

      Given those identities, I don’t think Wolverine is any less of an X-Man when he’s working with the Avengers. I’m not a regular New Avengers or Fantastic Four reader, but I don’t think The Thing’s place in the FF family is diminished by his presence in Avengers mansion (I mean, he’s probably got a lot of downtime when Reed is on a multi-week-long lab bender, right?).

      I think the character-swapping makes sense in certain cases (including Cannonball and Sunspot), but I agree that letting books “mind their own business” is something I’d like to see happen on more books for more than 6 months a year.

    • Flan, have you been reading Marvel comics since the 70’s or early 80’s? I started reading Marvel books in 1977, and I recall fondly the time when each Marvel comic had a unique and different identity with a discrete cast of characters, and yet the books all had a satisfying sense of belonging to the same finite setting/world. The way that characters flow between multiple titles, and the “unique” tone of each series changes every several months or years I find myself more invested in the writers than I am in the characters or their fictional worlds. It feels less immersive, and less engaging. I still enjoy many of the stories, but I also find myself feeling deeper dislike for certain stories as well. There’s no denying that things have changed, and I relate with other readers who don’t think it’s a change for the better.

  17. Black widow grabs Thor’s love gun!

  18. Do you think Tony’s new armor will have anything to do with Wasp / Yellowjacket? His new armor is looking very bee-like.

  19. Really looking forward to this title, and Marvel NOW in general…But Captain America slogged through all of World War 2 without any candy-ass knee pads. There is no need for him to start now in the age of unstable molecules. Also, Thor’s costume…it wasn’t broke! Didn’t need fixing!

  20. Cannonball, Captain Marvel, ???Shadowguy–Beast???, Captain America, Real Hulk, Wolverine, Falcon, Black Widow, Thor, uh Sunspot?, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man…thats 14, Hickman said 18 members right? 4 to go…

  21. WHERE IS S.H.I.E.L.D.!? Where is Mr. Hickman and Weaver!? I’ve been waiting over a year for the last two issues and I wanna finish the biggest let down ever of a comic and sell them once I’m done.

    Sorry…..but I’m still annoyed the book just stopped.

    • a) Read a little of the other comments and you’ll see.

      b) I’m not sure you can simultaneously complain that you both hate a book and are upset it isn’t out. That’s just moronic.

  22. I hope there aren’t any crossovers with any of the Remender shit…

    • you’re crazy. Uncanny Avengers isn’t going to have a lot of fall back from Uncanny X-Force. You must be the only who does’t want any type of Remender-ness in them. Go read Uncanny X-Force. Start from the beginning. You’re comment just comes off so wrong after that title being out. Remender ruled Marvel with that title alone.

  23. Those covers… WOW!

  24. Hickman said (on formspring) the guy on the far left in the shadows is Manifold/Eden Fesi from his Secret Warriors run.

  25. This alone has made me excited for this book now… I might just have to grab it!