Little English Girl Scared By Hulk Penis

In one of the most bizarre stories in recent memory, The Sun is reporting that a six year old girl, who was given a 12-inch Hulk doll won at a carnival, was stunned to find the doll to be anatomically correct underneath his purple pants.
This is a strange story. Strange and funny. For me, the most amusing thing is the picture they use. Six year old Leah Lowland looks more like she’s chastizing The Hulk for letting Little Hulk swing in the breeze. She doesn’t look shocked and stunned at all.

I guess you can’t trust those carnies, huh?

Maybe now we know why Betsy Ross kept trying to stop her dad from killing The Hulk.


  1. import says:

    i’d be scared too!

    that kind of thing will scar a kid for years…

  2. chlop chlop says:

    Amazing. Years before Elmo hacking.

  3. KickAss KickAss says:

    @ haystackes: What do you mean "scar?"

    Reviving a 6 year old article, nice!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, just saw the Hulk penis on the link!  That is sick and hilarious!

  4. Mangaman Mangaman says:


  5. SamMorgan SamMorgan says:

    "recent memory"? Six years ago. That girl is probably a teenager now!