Light Week? Try REVIVAL #6, YOUNG AVENGERS #1, and PEANUTS #5!

It’s cold, but these should keep you warm. Not by burning them. It’s a commiseration thing.

Josh Flanagan says try…


Revival #6

By Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

Revival is really very good. It’s just solid, kind of creepy, and you want to know what’s going to happen next. And if you haven’t been reading it, this is a new reader friendly issue. If you have, and it’s been a few months, you want to make sure to you keep this thing going, and don’t miss this issue. The dead are back, and so is Revival. Also, that Jenny Frisson cover is boss.


Conor Kilpatrick says try…

Young Avengers_1

Young Avengers #1

By Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton & Matthew Wilson

Back when we were first discovering Phonogram this seemed unlikely, but considering how both Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have caught fire at Marvel Comics, instead it seems inevitable. “The Kieron and Jamie Show” finally gets its own on-going Marvel series and it’s right in their wheelhouse: teenage superheroes.


Paul Montgomery says try…


Peanuts vol. 2 #5

By Charles Schulz, Vicki Scott, Alexis E. Fajardo, & Mona Koth, Matt Whitlock, Mike DeCarlo

Grab some A&W with plenty of head and join the illustrious Flying Ace for some aerial combat! There are those who scratch their heads at Snoopy’s high-flying fantasy sequences in the Peanuts special and then there are those who are correct. This one has the potential to be both the feel good hit of the week and the most thrilling. Red Baron’s goin’ down!



  1. Snoopy’s expression is priceless

  2. Among the things I never questioned was whether I was getting Young Avengers. As soon as I heard the creative team, it was on the pull list.

  3. Ever since it was annouced, Young Avengers has been the NOW! title that I have been looking forward to the most — can’t wait to read it this week. Really, how could we go wrong with more Gillen scripted Kid Loki plus some McKelvie art? I thought that the preview story in NOW!.1 (or whatever it was called) was a lot of fun . . .