Fifteen years ago, a half-dozen comic books stuck here and there. There’s the old cemetery, squirrels, buttercups, daisies. Dozens of the prettiest little comics you ever saw. Ninety per cent owned by suckers who used to pay rent to you. Your Potter’s Field, my dear Mr. Employer, is becoming just that. And are the local yokels making with those David and Goliath wisecracks!

Ron says try…

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth Omnibus Vol. 2

By Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Gerry Conway, Paul Levitz & D. Bruce Berry

Listen, last year for Christmas, Josh got me Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth Omnibus Vol. 1 and I’m in the middle of reading it right now and let me tell you, it’s bat-shit crazy. Unfiltered Kirby in all the greatest ways. This omnibus collection is a must have. So much fun.


Josh says try…

Rust Vol. 2: Secrets of the Cell

By Royden Lepp

The first volume was a Book of the Month, and now, a little bit of time later, it’s time to delve back into the world of Rust. In the gorgeous debut, we were introduced to a bunch of killer robots and a mysterious boy with a rocket pack. Hopefully, we’ll be in for some more answers, as well as some finely rendered action. That old steam train on the cover isn’t doing anything to turn me away, either. You can also be sure of some great packaging from Archaia.


Conor says try…

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1

By Leah Moore, John Reppion, & Matt Triano

In 2009, Leah Moore (yes, that Moore) and John Reppion brought Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to comics via Dynamite Entertainment. That was a good year for Holmes and Watson what with the big blockbuster film and all. Well, three years later and the good detective might even be bigger now, with a second Robert Downey Jr. film under his belt and two high profile television shows, so Dynamite must have figured that this would be a good time to give another mini-series a shot. The first one was a lot of fun and I can only imagine that with the same writing team the second will follow suit. If you’re a Holmes fan do yourself a favor and check it out.


  1. Soooo excited about the Liverpool Demon. Loved the last Leah Moore Holmes story.

  2. Definitely getting Sherlock Holmes. Dynamite is putting out some good stuff right now.

  3. I pre-ordered Kamandi Vol.2 months ago. One of my favorite childhood characters (in Italy it was published in 1977, 5 years later than its US release). I still have the original Italian run.

  4. Anyone else see the connection between Kamandi and Adventure Time?