Fire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky. But Comics is your god, Comics and he lives in the earth. Once, giants lived in the Earth, Conan. And in the darkness of chaos, they fooled Comics, and they took from him the enigma of steel. Comics was angered. And the Earth shook. Fire and wind struck down these giants, and they threw their bodies into the waters, but in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. We who found it are just men. Not gods. Not giants. Just men. The secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. You must learn its riddle, Conan. You must learn its discipline. For no one – no one in this world can you trust. Not men, not women, not beasts. This you can trust.

Ron says try…

All-New X-Men #1

By Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

I wouldn’t describe my emotions around All-New X-Men #1 as excited, rather more along the lines of cautiously nervous. ┬áMany of you will already be picking this up, but if you’re not, you can’t help but be a bit curious as what this new era in X-Men under the stewardship of Bendis will be like, and there’s only one way to find out.


Josh says try…

Conan the Barbarian #10

By Brian Wood, Declan Shalvey and Dave Stewart

Over its run, Brian Wood’s Conan the Barbarian has had a stellar group of artists, one after the other. We’ve seen Becky Cloonan and James Harren, among others, and now Declan Shalvey joins the fray. Wood and Shalvey worked together on the final arc of Northlanders, and now they’re taking up the sword again. If you’ve missed out on this series so far, get with it now. It’s so much fun, and by Crom, it’s never too late.


Conor says try…

Thor: God of Thunder #1

By Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic

I can’t think of a modern writer more suited to take on Thor than Jason Aaron. I mean, the dude already has an awesome beard. Also, I’ve personally witnessed him drink mead. Plus, he has a talent for combining big action with humor and general mayhem. I can’t think of a more perfect mix of strengths in a Thor writer. Plus! Esad Ribic is supercalifragilisticexpialidope.


  1. getting all new xmen think i will try thor in trade not a big thor fan but i like jason aaron just not allows like his wolverine and the x-men not a fan of what i read of his wolverine run but that could be because i like wolverine in teams better.

  2. I really like supercalifragilisticexpialidope.

  3. I wish it was a light week so I could try out Thor, I just can’t afford to add another 3.99 marvel book to my pull list though 8(

    • I agree, I have never read Thor but I like Aaron’s work. I want to give it a try, but this is the biggest pull list I have had in a long time. With over ten books pulled, I feel like Ron or Conor when they are overwhelmed by a heavy week. I would add more comics to my pull list but my income and time are limited (I have a son and daughter, those of you that are parents know what I mean)

    • I’m with you. I think this one is double shipped also which another reason I can’t add it. The art looks amazing though . I need to review my pull list and see if I could manage it. I also have a son and daughter and know EXACTLY what you mean:)

  4. I’m currently reading Conan (Wood is doing an excellent job and the list of artists have been note worthy) and I look to jump on Aaron’s Thor (that Ribic art looks fantastic!).

    The All-New X-men will be a ‘game day’ decision. I really enjoy Stuart Immonen’s work and that would be the biggest draw. Personally, I lean more toward The Avengers for my Marvel team fix.

  5. All great suggestions!! These were my top three most anticipated choices anyways.

    The Great Pacific #1


    Fantastic Four #1 (no one can top Hickman’s run, but I think this will be Fraction’s redemption in the Marvel U.)

    round out the top 5 for me.

  6. Getting Conan, staying away from Marvel’s $4 books that double ship in the first month. Sheesh.

    I’ll likely get Thor in trade at a later date.

    • I feel the same way. I very tempted and interested in the Thor title, but I can’t support that business model. Perhaps in trade.

      Also, I want to make sure it stays fairly self-contained for a while, as it’s the only Marvel book I have any interest in at the moment.

    • @radmobile: It seems, right now, to be entirely self-contained.

    • Shoot. Maybe just this once I’ll make an exception…

      This does sound like exactly what I want in a Thor book…

      All right, I’m in! (It’s not a light week, but I think next week will be for me.)