Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signs on for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Spinoff Online reports that hallway ninja dreamonaut Joseph Gordon-Levitt has officially signed on for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. He joins fellow Inceptionists turned Gothamites Tom Hardy (Bane), Michael Caine (Alfred), Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow), Ken Watanabe (Faux Ra's al Ghul) and–if rumors hold true–Marion Cotillard, in talks to play Talia al Ghul (please please please). 

Now, we still don't know who Gordon-Levitt is set to play. Rumors of his involvement started circulating nearly a year ago, and in that time we've seen a number of potential characters bandied about. Initial speculation pointed to the Riddler, but Nolan's nixed that one. Then there was the even less-likely concept of an adult Robin serving in something of a Nightwing role, replete with an off-site Robin's Nest base of operations. Mobster Alberto Falcone might be a more likely option given the increased scale of the ensemble and Nolan's pre-established vision of Gotham's underground. Finally, there's Deadshot, a character fans also suspected as a role for Tom Hardy. A Variety article places emphasis on the Deadshot choice, leading Spinoff to draw connections to Talia and the League of Shadows. 

No telling whether we'll get official confirmation of his role between now and the start of shooting next month. But we'll be watching this one closely. 

Filming starts in April. The Dark Knight Rises in July, 2012. 

UPDATE: According to /Film, he's indeed playing Alberto Falcone. Probably the best choice, considering that huge cast list. And you know dude looks sharp in a suit.

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  1. Looks like an official crossover b/w TDK & Inception

  2. you know, I’m anxious to see who he’s going to be, but if we all agree he’s going to be a villain, man, Chris Nolan leaving might be the worst thing for the franchise. He’s the only director of a comic book film who can put multiple villains in a movie and still focus on the hero.

  3. Whoever he plays, Ithink he’ll b great at it. This can pretty much be only good news. Only less he’s playing Batgirl LOL

  4. Gentlemen, Let the pointless speculation begin

  5. Another talented actor added to the cast. Cannot complain.

  6. I. adore. him. Regardless of the fact that I sometimes call him Jason Gordon-Levitt, because my mind is like an aged swiss cheese.

    As a girl I had a big ole crush on him in 3rd Rock From the Sun (shoulder length hair and all). Then as my tastes started refining, he started getting active in awesome indie films. It’s like we grew together.  And I generally dig what the guy does. I mean… he hasn’t always made perfect choices (guys gotta get paid. Anyone, besides me, seen Latter Days? I didn’t think so.), but I generally trust his style and he’s a fine actor. Happy Nolan’s brought him into the big time and I’m sure he’ll knock it out of the park, whatever role he’s in.

    (PS – he’s still mad attractive yo.)

  7. Oh man, that’s weird. He looks like Heath Ledger’s long lost twin. I always used to get them both mixed up.

  8. ‘Cause there ain’t no confirmation like official confirmation!

  9. This news almost makes up for Hathaway getting cast. Cotillard as Talia would be great but she would’ve made an even better Catwoman

  10. I thought he was already confirmed! Maybe i just assumed…he’s a fine actor though so its more good casting after Hardy and the people from the previous movies.

    @BatToosi- I’d have made a better catwoman than Hathaway 

  11. That Nightwing rumor is ridonkulous! Alberto Falcone would make sense, and it could be fun. But I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s recasting the Joker. Look at Gordon-Levitts face. He’s practically Ledger’s younger brother. I was against the very idea at first, but Nolan did have a broader Joker tale in mind. Despite Ledger’s historic performance, it would almost seem like a missed opportunity at this point.

    Marion Cotillard was my #1 choice for Selina. If she does in fact get cast as anyone else it’ll be like salt on a wound. Of course, despite my doubts about Hathaway, I can’t wait for this one. As always, Nolan has assembled one hell of a cast. And that’s more important in a sci-fi/fantasy/superhero film than most people realize.

  12. I thought he had signed on like a month or 2 ago.  There were rumors surrounding this for so long that I thought it officially happened before.

  13. Still dont know why people are in a gripe about Hathaway being chosen for catwoman. People say she doesnt look fierce enough, or she cant pull it off…well we really dont know what kinda lines Nolan wrote for her.

    I am pumped on Levitt officially being onboard, but as of now it IS all speculation.

  14. Sounds like a busy film, wouldn’t it be fun of he was like patrolmen Davidson?  just some guy helping Gordon out?

  15. Well Anne Hatheway has already been casted as Catwoman so I’m out of ideas.

  16. Feel like he could play Falcone’s other son, doesn’t he exist?   The one who came back in Dark Victory and wanted nothing to do with his fathers buisness or whatever.  Sorta a michel Corleone thing…

  17. What if he played Azreal and they do “Break the Bat”?

  18. I personally think Anne Hathaway will be fine.  Either way, this seems like it’s going to be epic.

  19. Whatever one may think, it is hard to deny that the Joker makeup on that face is pretty much in line with the Ledger look.

  20. i like the idea of Deadshot and the League of shadows. Gordon Levitt is a nice actor on the rise so i’m excited to see what he can bring. I hope its not a NIghtwing thing. The last thing the Nolan movies needs is to start bringing in other costumed heroes. 

    @4iiii  —i recognize that Hathaway is a decent actress…she just annoys the hell out of me. I’m sure Nolan will do some magic and it will be an epic performance.  

  21. cue: “You Make My Dreams” 

  22. I really like Joseph Gordon Levitt as an actor but until I hear what he’s supposed to play, I can’t get very excited.

  23. He could be Robin or Nightwing, for all we know.

  24. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED: It’s Falcone. 

  25. Excellent choice for Falcone. I’m wondering how much of Alberto’s fate from the comics will be incorporated (i.e. do I have to worry about spoiling anything for my non-comics friends?)

  26. I’ve registered specifically so I can say: I TOTALLY CALLED IT! Feeling smug and justified right now.

    The tone of The Long Halloween fits perfectly with Nolan’s Batfilms (he’s already nicked a fair bit from Loeb/Sale’s Bat books) and while I doubt he’ll be replicating the story (Holiday may not feature) the character still fits with the duel freak/gangster focus of the films. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt will nail it. Hooray!

  27. @FollowTheNerd  good job calling the role that he was always and most commonly romoured to play.

  28. @edward  I predict Gary Oldman will play Jim Gordon. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

  29. Cool. Could be fun.