Joe Casey and Nathan Fox Take Over HAUNT

Of all the creative teams we've seen on books over at DC this week, I don't think any of them surprised me as much as this one. Haunt, the book launched to great fanfare, created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane, featuring a lot of artists like McFarlane, Ryan Ottley, and Greg Capullo, will host a new creative team.

Originally, the book was about a priest haunted by the spirit of his spy brother, and together they form the ghostly superhero, Haunt.

But it sounds like Casey is going to rework the whole thing a bit. This has historically been a good thing.

According to USA Today, Casey says, "It's a cool genre mash but it also doesn't necessitate any certain kind of story," and "We can do anything with these characters, take them anywhere. There's a psychology to both brothers that I'm interested in peeling apart," and "Besides that, we're taking a real grindhouse/exploitation approach to the series. Hopefully the end result will be appropriately lurid and over-the-top while being a real nail-biter at the same time."

Casey and Nathan Fox worked together previously on Dark Reign:Zodiac for Marvel a couple of years back, where most comic fans got their first taste of his energetic style, on a book that was way more out there than anyone expected from a Marvel book.

I'm looking forward to it. I checked out the first issue of Haunt, and despite being a huge fan of Kirkman and Ottley, it didn't resonate for me. But this just begs to be checked out.

McFarlane will be stepping away to take on a more editorial role, and the first issue with the new team will be Haunt #19, out on September 21.


  1. Pumatastic Pumatastic says:

    This is the type of creative team-up I’ve been looking to see happen in all of the DC Reboot announcements. Can’t say, even with this duo doing the book, that I’m any more interested in the concept of Haunt though.

  2. andybmcd andybmcd says:

    Love the creative team.  Don’t care at all about Haunt.  Decisions, decisions.

  3. Hmm, I actually really like Haunt, and this is an interesting choice. Although I haven’t loved anything by Joe Casey yet. Butcher Baker is great, but mostly for the art.

  4. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    God dammit. I love Joe Casey, but my situation is dire with all of these DC announcements.

  5. I like how you throw in a jab at DC for no real reason.

    But I’ll give this a shot in trade, provided that the character is interesting. Cause if people like Robert Kirkman and Todd MacFarlane couldn’t make this interesting, then Casey/Fox have little chance. 

  6. zuper says:

    Well I’m off this series after #18 then…

  7. bgavino says:

    @TheNextChampion  What jab was thrown? I didn’t see a knock on DC at all. 

    I picked up this book initially and lost interest arouind issue 2 or 3.  But with Casey and Fox coming I will def be picking this up.  Joe Casey and Nathan Fox on the same book is a no brainer.

  8. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion  Mentioning DC is not making a jab at them. Pack up the conspiracy theories. Thanks. 

  9. bgavino says:

    @TheNextChampion  Not really.  He wasn’t saying that the DC solicts are bad he was just saying that he wasn’t surprised by any of them.  That is not a jab in any way shape or form.  I mean come on what’s a more surprising announcement Joe Casey and Nathan Fox taking over Haunt or JT Krull writing a Green Arrow book?

  10. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you wish to talk about the DC relaunch titles, do so in the appropriate threads. Here, we’re talking about Haunt. Any further Reboot comments will be deleted. As will any continued complaints about Josh’s allusion to current events. It’s not a jab. It’s a statement. Let’s move on. 


  11. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I have not read any issues of this series to date. Seeing Joe Kelly on a regular title is exciting enough for me to rectify that. 

  12. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    (Bad joke.)

  13. That is a good cover by Fox, at least it looks like a cover.

  14. I ducked out of this series at around issue 2 or 3, as it seemed like a parody of a bad stereotypical 90′s Image series. Definitely going to check this out though…Casey has great ideas about the comicbook world (Which he described in an interesting piece at the back of the first Butcher Baker issue), and constantly writes fresh, interesting and entertaining stories in and out of the mainstream world. 

  15. ActualButt ActualButt says:

    @TheNextChampion  You’re assuming that “surprising” = “good”. Saying something is “surprising” is not the same as saying that you are pleased by the surprise. I was equally surprised with the fact that Animal Man was getting his own book again, and that Liefeld would be drawing Hawk & Dove. One was a good surprise, one was bad. We done here?

  16. ActualButt ActualButt says:

    My apologies Paul, I started typing that after your FIRST comment, got distracted, then came back and clicked submit.

  17. MisterJ says:

    The most surprising aspect of this, to me, is that Haunt is still being published.  I did not know it was still going on.

  18. conallgil conallgil says:

    AWESOME! could not be more stoked for this 

  19. bugeyed13 bugeyed13 says:

    I’m tired of everyone saying how much this book is a rip-off of spidey or spawn. How come when a new super hero with a cape or a mask comes out they dont compare them to batman or superman.  Buy the book and try it and get past your lame excuses for hating it.

  20. Firevine Firevine says:

    @bugeyed13  My thoughts when seeing this book for the first time were “How is this not just Spawn 2.0?”

  21. Cormac Cormac says:

    It seems I am in agreement with almost everyone – would read this team on more-or-less anything, but why Haunt of all things? Oh well, so long as Casey has carte blanche to wreck shop…

  22. Xeno Xeno says:

    Is Joe Casey the one in Butch Baker? And what is Nathan Fox’s previous works? I was thinking of trying Haunt and this creative team change might just give me the push.

    P.S. Its official TheNextChampion you’re the most famous ifanboy citizen. You mistakenly thought that a jab was taken at DC and you received tons of retort, which I found funny that’s why I can’t help commenting, lol

  23. Cormac Cormac says:

    Nathan Fox did a series for Marvel with Casey (who writes Butcher Baker, yes – not his best IMHO, at least not yet..). It was called Dark Reign: Zodiac. He also did a great OGN for Heavy Metal called Fluorescent Black which is really worth checking out. His style is highly reminiscent of Paul Pope’s, to say the least. But that’s fine by me. He’s extremely talented and will probably develop more of an individual style as he does more work.

  24. OttoBott OttoBott says:

    This is the one creative time short of Morrision/Quietly that could make me read Haunt. Bravo, Image, bravo.

  25. PV PV says:

    Casey + Fox + Grindhouse approach = me trying a book I never would have before.

  26. bigben2012 says:

    Man, I wish I knew this when I heard Kirkman was leaving.

  27. cahubble09 cahubble09 says:

    Hmm … “Dark Reign: Zodiac” = Haunt? No intereso … I really enjoyed this book, but I’ll be hopping off … Sounds to me like we can think of #1-17 as Vol. 1 and that Vol. 2 begins with #19. My question … is #18 essential or is it a prologue to Vol. 2?

  28. vadamowens vadamowens says:

    @paul you mentioned his ongoing stuff.  would you recommend his ‘Adventures of Superman’ work?