VIDEO: Playable Sidekicks in ‘Batman: Arkham City’

It seems the gaming world has gone a little nuts over Batman: Arkham City. Apparently people really like being Batman. After one week the game has shipped over 4.6 million copies. Hows that compare to an issue of Batman? Well Batman #1 sold less than 200,000 in the entire month of September. We hear a lot of talk about movies bring people into comics, but has anyone had that conversation concerning video games? Now might be the time.

But it’s also nearly time to play as some new characters in the game. Namely, the iconic Bat-sidekicks Robin and Nightwing. Both will be DLC, Robin is already available and Nightwing comes out next Tuesday. They each even have a few skins, so you can play as Red Robin or animated series versions of Robin and Nightwing. They look a little silly when compared to the more realistic style of the rest of the game, but it’s still way cool to have the option, right?

I haven’t played the game yet, I have no game systems nor time to use them, but I imagine if my ignorant excitement is any indication you gamers must be losing your shit. If you haven’t already run back to your console to download the goods, feel free to check out the trailers for each character below.




  1. Damn they both look amazing. Then again, what isn’t amazing about this game?

  2. I just don’t understand why people can enjoy a character in one medium (film, video games, etc.) but then completely disregard them in another (comics). Why aren’t these gamers going out and picking up some Batman comics? There are plenty of good ones.

    • Do you read every novel that the movies you see were based on? Also, believe it or not, comics still have a geek stigma across a LOT of the American population, even if the Batman/Spiderman/X-Men movies/games don’t.

      And, Nightwing looks like some pimp Metal Gear Solid shit in those trailers. Never really thought that before from the comics.

    • Comics are expensive, hard to find, have a stigma to them, are exceedingly hard to find now a days.

      Most people who buy this game if they decide to examine another medium with Batman will go T.V. or Movies.

      The only way to get more comic people is to introduce them personally, grow them, get them by fluke or nostalgia.

      The game should have had a ticket to get one free DC Batman comic from a local comic shop with a website that finds it for you and a code for some Digital book over the different places that offer them.

    • they should include a free digital comic DL code inside the game. cut out the middleman, make it really stupid easy.

    • @wallythegreenmonster …. that would have been brilliant, especially considered the digital initiative DC has going on.

  3. I doubt Nightwing speaks, but I wonder who they would’ve asked to speak for the character.

  4. I don’t ever remember Nightwing’s sticks being electrically charged, is that something new? Or possibly from the EXTREME 90’s?

    I think I like the Robin stuff slightly better because the Bo staff is a much more interesting weapon IMO
    (I loved Donatello in TMNT)

  5. any info on how much this will cost?

  6. Robin was a Best Buy exclusive here in the US (at least in Texas it was) that was included in the price of the game. I’m sure it will eventually be DLC for everyone though.

    What bummed me out is that the Sinestro Corp costume code that came with Batman: Year One was only for PS3.

    • Wow be happy that the Sinestro Corps skin comes Year One, up in Canada it comes with Ryan Reynolds Greem Lantern movie, What a wasye of thirty dollars!!!

  7. Definitely going to get them!

    Maybe with all of these BTAS skins for the game, Rocksteady could do an DCAU Batman game? THAT would be amazing.

  8. i am loving the re-design Nightwing and Robin suits. this seems like it’s the first DC costumes that i could see in real life. thanks

  9. I got the Best Buy exclusive Robin and he’s a lot of fun to use. They’ve done a great job and making him as much like Batman as he should be but no more. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Nightwing’s like when he hits.

  10. Wow– I have no intention of playing this game, as I’m video-gamingly challenged, but Nightwing’s fighting style in this is everything I wish the comics could portray. It’s perfect, high-flying, circus-kid Dick Grayson. Oh well, maybe one day, with the right artist…

  11. You can get the other DLC characters through Gamestop. Thats how Im getting them at least. When I payed for Arkham City before the midnight release, I was asked if I wanted the DLC packs. I asked which ones were available and was told a “Robin pack” “Nightwing Pack” and “Batman Skins pack”. Pretty much what is shown here for the DLC vids and EVERY Batman Skin that was suppose to be an international exclusive. Each pack was about 6 dollars. Only catch is the Nightwing Pack can only be downloaded after Nov 1, the Robin pack can be downloaded after Nov 31 and I think the Batman skins one can be downloaded after Dec 18.

    A bit of a wait, but worth it in my books.

  12. I’m like Ryan — no systems in the house AND no time to play video games (let alone ANY kind of gamer skills). But all the hype around this has looking up prices for used consoles…

    were any comic writers involved with this?

  13. Simply an amazing game. There is no way they can make too much DLC for this one. I will buy it all.