EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Love Is Real at Image Comics

Weeks before the San Diego Comic-Con, Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders unleashed Our Love Is Real onto the comic book world. Self published both in print and digitally, Our Love Is Real is a one-shot about a future where man loves dogs, minerals and vegetables. The first printing sold out in 9 hours, and a tremendous amount of buzz and attention was laid onto this little one shot comic book.  We spoke with writer Sam Humphries on iFanboy Talksplode about the phenomenon of Our Love is Real the week it came out and you can hear Sam speak about how much this book meant to him.

So, when Image Comics gave us the scoop that Our Love Is Real was being published by them, we not only were excited to share this news, but excited for Humphries and Sanders. We immediately spoke to Sam again to get the full story.  So check out the below interview and if you haven’t experienced Our Love Is Real, there’s a 6 page preview at the bottom of the page.

iFanboy: Congratulations on the news of Our Love Is Real being published by Image Comics! How did this all come about?

Sam Humphries: Image kingpin Eric Stephenson was on the ball. I sent him an advance copy and he expressed interest the day before the book came out. Even before the sell out, the second printing, and much of the buzz, his attitude was, “let’s make this happen.”

iF: I’m sure other publishers showed interest in the book, why go with Image Comics?

SH: I wanted to say my dog sex comic was published by Image Comics.

iF: Will the Image Comics release of Our Love Is Real be the same size as the book you self published (square sized)? Will it contain any other material or is it just a straight reprinting of the original book?

SH: Even putting the content aside, this is not a typical book for Image…oversized, square, black and white, one-shot…to my relief, they didn’t want to change a thing. They loved our twisted little book the way it was born, inside and out. Aside from the logo, this will be the same book I set out to publish.

iF: Does this mean we might see more stories from the world of Our Love Is Real via Image?

SH: Who knows? I’ve got more stories in mind. If the wide release goes well, I suppose anything can happen. Everyone, pre-order the book with your local retailer! The only thing I can say for sure is I’ve already written the first page of the next Our Love Is Real story. The last words on the page are, “So what?” and you will never guess who says it.

iF: When we last spoke on iFanboy Talksplode, you said you self published Our Love Is Real because you didn’t think any publisher would publish a book that involved sex with dogs, vegetables and minerals…how does it feel to be wrong about that?


Check out the first 6 pages of Our Love Is Real, which will hit comic stores from Image Comics in November:


  1. I’ll be picking this up. Was impossible to get in any form other than digital

  2. I’d love if this means more Our Love is Real. Really dug the world they built in this one issue.

  3. Sam is an awesome dude, and the book is fantastic. We have carried it since Day 3, and have sold out of First Printings, but have 2nd prints in stock at both stores. If you are in LA area, there are at least two places to get it right now. http://ComicsAndCards.net

  4. Very Interesting…

  5. Loved this one-shot and will definitely be picking it up in print from Image. Would love to see more from this world they’ve created.