iFlashback! December 17th, 2003

It’s time for an iFlashback! A weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago. Why nine years and not ten? Well because our Mondays in 2012 sync up with the Wednesdays of 2003.

So jog down memory lane with me. The date is December 17th, 2003. The number one film in the box office is Something’s Gotta Give and these are some of the comics at your local comic book shop.

Daredevil #55

By David Mack

Superman: Metropolis #11

By Chuck Austen, Teddy Kristiansen

Outsiders #7

By Judd Winick, Tom Raney, Scott Hanna

Wolverine #9

By Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernandez

Red #3

By Warren Ellis, Cully Hammer

Rose & Thorn #1

By Gail Simone, Adriana Melo, Dan Green

Hulk: Gray #4

By Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

Fantastic Four #508

By Mark Waid, Howard Porter, Norm Rapmund

New X-Men #150

By Grant Morrison, Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning

That was the week that was in comics. Some early Gail Simone DC work and looks like Wolverine had a busy week. So, did you read any of the comics that came out this week and what did you think of them?


  1. IthoSapien IthoSapien says:

    Love Mark Waid’s FF run, reread the whole thing last week. Full of great character moments.

  2. I know that I read that Rucka run on Wolverine, and I think that it had to be awesome because he’s Greg Rucka and I like everything I’ve read by him, but I honestly don’t remember anything about it. Of course, this time period coincides with my first year of grad school, so I probably didn’t have the time or attention to give to all my books.

    • Grandturk says:

      I read Rucka’s run on Wolverine in trade. I want to say that I read them right about the time Millar’s Enemy of the State came out and pooped all over the series.

    • mrblasphemy says:

      It’s OK, but considering that it’s Rucka and Robertson, it’s stunningly inessential. I think Rucka is unsuited to writing a character with a healing factor and holes in his memory, because so many of his stories involve someone being deeply scarred by the past.

    • J-Nel J-Nel says:

      I ran into the whole run in a quarter bin over the summer and astounded I’d sat it out on its initial run. There are well-worn Rucka tropes like a female agent tracking Logan and a jaunt into the great northwest, but it makes this Logan on his own with no costume or superpowered threats pop as about as close to espionage as this character gets. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Robertson look better (his inking is almost Crumb-esque in the 1st arc) and a little Leo Fernandez in the middle was quite the gorgeous time out… It’s probably my favorite creator run of that Wolverine ongoing, and it’s surrounded b a lot of gems…

  3. MutantSentry MutantSentry says:

    Has Jean been dead for that long now? Gees…

  4. I’ve recently purchased Grant Morrison’s New X-men omnibus and am re-reading it. Some really brilliant stuff there! I remember Planet X was one of my favorite stories.

  5. I actually bought quite a few of these. daredevil, outsiders, hulk: grey, fantastic four, and I might have picked up wolverine also. I honestly don’t remember.

  6. jpriester73 jpriester73 says:

    Do people like David Mack’s art on Daredevil? I thought it was horrible. I didnt like the 5 issue break of Bendis/Maleev’s run.

    • ryanwhodat ryanwhodat says:

      I LOVE his art on DD. At the same time, I realize it’s very different, so many may not share this opinion.

    • Loved it. One of my favorites, those 5 issues.

    • ryanwhodat ryanwhodat says:

      17-20 (the Wake Up arc) are even better.

    • TemporalBeef TemporalBeef says:

      Agreed. We get it, Mack, you love to draw thousands of little triangles.

    • He is an incredible artist but does like to do a lot of repetition in his work, origami obsession being another!

    • flakbait flakbait says:

      I like it in small doses. That little arc he did was fine. It’s hard to imagine an ongoing like that, though.

      Wasn’t his run before Bendis came on? I’m pretty sure it came after Smith, but before Bendis.

    • kennyg kennyg says:

      I thought it was awesome. He really took things to another level.

    • BCDX97 BCDX97 says:

      When he first started out on Kabuki, he was awesome. Very unique and interesting.

      But later on he came really self-indulgent, and it was a lot of repetitive sparse artsy nothingness. And that was kinda what he did here as well – all style no substance, sadly.

    • J-Nel J-Nel says:

      I love Mack’s work, but have found it less impressive as the years have passed and there’s been less to see. I always try to steer non-comics folks who ask me about Alex Ross his way as I think he’s a good counter to what Ross does as far as lushly painted comics.

      And although the “Vision Quest” break should’ve probably been its own mini, “Wake Up” & “Parts Of A Hole” are still DD masterpieces. No one can take that away from the guy…

  7. RoiVampire RoiVampire says:

    The first arc of Metropolis was better than anything else I’ve read by Austen. lost track of it after that

  8. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    i have all of these!

  9. I’m surprised we haven’t see more attempts at a ‘Metropolis’ or ‘Gotham City’ centric ongoing. I would love to see a comic just on the citizens of those cities or pretty much any major city used in a comic book. A ‘New York City’ comic for the Marvel Universe could be amazing.

    Here are some other big events to occur on December 17th:

    -1903: The Wright Bros make their first powered, heavier than air flight.
    -1989: The first ‘The Simpsons episode is aired, ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’.

  10. Sensei44 Sensei44 says:

    Man, did I ever love Metropolis. What a fantastic series. It was pretty much a Jimmy Olsen series, but I’m not complaining.

  11. RED was short and sweet. I liked it. Hulk Gray was probably my least favorite of all the Marvel color books.