iFanboy’s Mike Romo in Honda’s Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl Sunday is always a big event in the United States, as much for the commercials as for the game itself. In the last few years, some companies have taken to releasing their highly anticipated ads on YouTube before they air during the game. I understand why they do it but I think it’s dumb.

But this isn’t about me! This is about iFanboy columnist Mike Romo, who makes a quick appearance in Honda’s highly anticipated Ferris Bueller 2 ad (that really isn’t). He’s even wearing the iconic Red Wings jersey!

Check it out below:



Congrats, Mike!



  1. Yay! Something good came out of this commercial! Right on Mike!

  2. ha! Thats awesome. congrats on getting into the spot!

    p.s. GO PATRIOTS!!!

  3. First Molly in the anti-SOPA music video. Now Mike in a Super Bowl ad. What’s next? Jimski guest-starring on ‘Whitney’? iFanboy is everywhere!

  4. that’s awesome… I will not pause the big screen on sunday to show everyone who comes over that Mike is on teh big screen. (By everyone.. i mean my family members who haven’t abandoned our family football watching time)

  5. This commercial was a piece of shit….UNTIL this was pointed out. Congrats Mike on making this watchable! I can’t believe I didn’t notice him when I saw it.

  6. Nice.

  7. Congratulations, Mike!

  8. Awesome. Mike looks good in red.

  9. Haha–you guys are far too kind. Thanks for the support! I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut or not…fun spot, totally fun morning, we rode that coaster like 12 times…

    Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone!

    • @Mike So can you confirm you DID vomit on the back of Matthew Broderick’s head?

    • How awesome. You caught my eye cuz you’re wearing Cameron’s hockey jersey – then to find out it’s YOU, Mike Romo, from iFanboy?! Bizarre and cool!

    • The last time i rode a coaster 12 times it was because there were no lines and they were about to permanently close the parks first big metal coaster. It was called “shock wave” and years of abuse had left it aptly named. I had lots of fun and minor whiplash after those 12 rides.
      That was cool Mike. Keep it up. We all want to see you on the big screen one o these days.

    • Have you been in any other commercials or tv shows in the past year? i swear to god i saw you one other time in the last year or two and then was going to jump on here and ask…but i forgot til now.

  10. Right on, Mike. That was… so choice. Congrats!

  11. Mike got the best spot on the coaster! If he were directly behind Matthew Broderick, all the focus would be on Matthew instead of Mike. So hooray for short girls who don’t obstruct views!

  12. That is friggin awesome!!!! What a great commercial gig… Can you say residual checks? Congrats Mike.

    The Tiki

  13. A Detroit Red Wings jersey in a Superbowl ad. Very awesome, Mike!

  14. I laughed at the reference to Cameron’s song for the opening of the article.

    BTW, is that Wanye Brady next to Mike Romo?

  15. Very cool!

    I love the new spot and now it’s even better because I know that an iFanboy is in it. 🙂

    P.S. Let’s go Red Wings.

  16. That’s cool, Mike! This time I did not spot you, but that Target ad from a while back I immediately knew who you were. Again congrats on being in FBDO2-sort-of-not-really!

  17. That’s cool. Well done Mike

  18. Congratulations Mike! Love your articles!

  19. Way to go Mike! Love the Cameron Red Wings jersey nod as a Detroiter and remembering Ferris Bueller being one of the 1st movies as a kid of the 80’s I called a favorite. Cheers, to more commercial spots for you and whatever acting gigs your little hearts desire!!