iFanbase Halloween 2012 Pictures Are HERE!

Halloween 2012 has come and gone – but we’ve got the pictures to remember it!

The iFanbase came out strong again this year with some great costumes. Thanks to everybody that submitted their pictures – there are a lot of great ones this year! So without further adieu…

Enjoy the 5th Annual iFanboy Halloween Costume Extravaganza!

PS – If your name or costume is incorrect or misspelled, send me an e-mail at conor AT ifanboy DOT com.

NOTE: If you are in the northeast and your Halloween got postponed or still hasn’t happened because of Superstorm Sandy, you can still send in pictures and I’ll get them added as soon as possible.

Adventure Time (Beausephus and son)


Adventure Time (stuclach and family)


Axe Cop & Nerd Herder


Batgirl & Joan of Arc (RX)


Batman, The Joker, & Harley Quinn (SpideyGirl0310)


Black Widow (marandalee)


Black Widow & Red Hood


Burt Macklin, FBI (ed209af) & Janet Snakehole


Captain America & Iron Man (sw102106‘s kids)


Captain America & Marty McFly (D)


Captain America (rayclark) & Robin


The Court of Owls (viewaskew117)


Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Daveychambers616)


Dr. John Watson & Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Who


Dr. Octopus (cubman987)


Flash Gordon (amcdole83)


Franken-Castle (Sinsear)


Gokai Red


Green Lantern & The pumpkins he carved (Mister)


Hagrid (CaseyJustice) & His dragon


Hamburgler & Birdie


Harley Quinn & The Joker (Gabe)


The Hulk (1bat4u)


Indiana Jones (Wheelhands)


Iron Man


John Constantine (TheLastSon21)


The Joker (Zombieki1la)


Matt Murdock (timvargulish)




Nick Fury, Bane, Thor, & Batman (The League of Ordinary Gentlemen)


Poison Ivy (Flying Snow)


Poison Ivy (I-Doll)


Poison Ivy & Two-Face


Princess Batman (Demon Boy‘s daughter Victoria)


Princess Leia


Professor Pyg (jsa1036)


Professor Pyg (Ryan)


The Punisher (buckycap)


The Punisher (sleepy)


The Punisher (DevilishRagz88) & Spider-Man


Ra’s al Ghul


Robin & The Joker


Scarecrow (Invincipal)


Shrek (tomdpimp) & Fiona & Grumpy & Nova


“Stabbed by a Scythe” (manwithoutbeer)


Steampunk Spider-Man (RoiVampire)


Swedish Chef (williamlund)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (EricHuckleberry)


Tintin (nickmongo)


Two-Face / Barack Romney (ajmortys)


Vigilante (Pyynk)


Your Friendly Neighborhood Captain Spidey-Thor (ShonenRafa77)


Before we go, let’s not forget the iFanboy staff (and their families)!

Agent Mulder & Agent Scully (Molly McIsaac)


Buttercup & The Dread Pirate Roberts (Gordon & Dianne the Intern)


Fräulein Maria (Lexi the Intern)


Headmistress Kitty Pryde (Ali Collucio)


Mermaid & Out-of-Place Pirate (Mike Romo)


Minnie Mouse (Josephine the Intern)


Nerd & Goddess (Henry & Lucy the Interns)


Penguin Goon (John Siuntres)


Ramona Flowers & Scott Pilgrim (Ryan Haupt)




  1. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    I… I… I think I’m in love with Black Widows (marandalee)

    Also, where are the original iFanboy 3? no halloween spirit??!?

    • Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

      I love Halloween but it got away from me this year.

    • Bonidex Bonidex says:

      Yeah… where is the Ifanboy trinity?
      I was teaching about Halloween in my school in Brazil and I used Conor’s pictures of Superman/Elvis! My students loved it!

      C’mon Ifanboy guys… next year, please dress up. For the kids! :)

  2. Timmy Wood Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    My costume this year was sitting on a couch munching on wheat thins.

    You all look fantastic. Jealous none of y’all invited me to your parties.

    • kzap kzap says:

      Damn we went as the same thing, although I was munching on Pink Wafers.
      A couple of days after Halloween I did accidentally go out as Nick Sax from Happy! (without the band-aids on my face). I glanced at my reflection in a car window and noticed I had the same scarf, trousers and shoes and a very similar winter coat. Wish I had taken a picture and claimed it was deliberate now.
      I also don’t know I should be worried that we have the exact same dress sense.

  3. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Everybody looked GREAT!!

    Here’s my top five:

    5. Silver Age Iron Man @ his desk. (Hilarious image)
    4. Vigilante (Steps right off the page, Pyynk)
    3. Frankencastle (You worked hard dude, it shows)
    2. Swedish Chef (Just … because)
    1. Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts (Not just for the excellent taste in movies, but also the effort put into that picture. It might as well be the movie poster!)

    Good year, everyone! Happy Halloween!

    • pyynk pyynk says:

      Thanks chief! You’re looking rather fly yourself, Doctah Jones!

    • gordon gordon says:

      The photo shoot was fun but COLD! In the end though, totally worth it! It almost felt silly to put all the effort into making those costumes and NOT take that picture. I’ll also say that Josephine the Intern/Minnie Mouse was my ROUS. ;)

  4. BoneMachine BoneMachine says:

    Love TheLastSon21′s Constantine pic. Simple costume but he nails that classic pose of JC lighting a fag.

    Zombiekil1a’s costume is terrifying. Anyone who ever wondered what the bastard child of the Joker and Leatherface would look like need wonder no longer.

  5. JDC JDC says:

    I demand Princess Batman become canonical.

  6. Radmobile Radmobile says:

    Man, either I’m getting old, or these interns are getting younger!

    And Princess Batman was hilarious. One of the benefits of viewing these in a “scroll down” fashion.

  7. keithfury keithfury says:

    The Franken-Castle is pretty amazing. Well done sir.

  8. TheLastSon21 TheLastSon21 says:

    Hey look! I’m on the front page!!

  9. TA TA says:

    Franken-Castle FTW!

  10. Molly McIsaac Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    Laughed so hard at Navi I breathed some diet coke.

    Also, Princess Batman better be a real character soon.

    • blackcanary blackcanary says:

      I didn’t breathe in diet coke, but I did laugh so loudly at work that pretty much everyone at the office looked over at me with a puzzled “WTF?” face. Ooops.

      Costume was brilliant!

  11. itsbecca itsbecca says:

    Tin Tin!!!! Nickmongo you are a lovely human being, I salute you.

  12. neums neums says:

    Figures I forgot to leave my name on mine. I’m Axe Cop and the Nerd Herder.

  13. sinsear sinsear says:

    Franken-castle took me about a week and £250 to put together (and lots of late nights/ putting off work!) My favourite part of the whole thing was actually learning to do the latex stiches and and scar /staples. God bless youtube for quick make up lessons and how to make foam armor! I originally wanted to do the new cable costume (hence the robotic arm) but I didn’t have enough references yet. Franken-castle definitely came out better than expected though and I ended up winning £100 costumes contest and I’m still in the running to win another £250 next week. boom.

  14. DikBallistik DikBallistik says:

    John Siuntres of word baloon fame!? Bahaha awesomely simple costume

  15. Jesse1125 Jesse1125 says:

    Court of owls was just soo simplistically CREEPY! great job.
    Princess Batman!! the BEST use of a bedazzler yet!!
    Gordon & Diane great costumes, tho I’m most envious of the picturesque fall (evening?) backdrop weather.
    In good old NYC we had a bit different clime ……

  16. DemonBoy DemonBoy says:

    Thanks to those who enjoyed my daughter as Princess Batman. My wife really wanted her to be a Disney Princess of some sort but Tori kept pointing at the Batman costume (that’s my girl!!)….so we compromised. 2 hours, a pink tutu and a ton of glued on sparkly things later and Princess Batman was born. I even taught her to say “I’m Batman” in a gravelly voice.

    • madgael madgael says:

      Wow… I had the opposite problem. My daughter was set on Cinderella six months ago and I was trying to get her to go the Batgirl route. So we compromised on Merida from Brave. Then she shot me with her bow inside five minutes.

  17. Great costumes! Loving Tin Tin, so awesome!

  18. ryu156 says:

    HOLY CRAP, That Gokai Red is amazing!

  19. You guys and gals all look great! Nice job putting those of ether. I absolutely love the Matt Murdock costume, complete with the “I am not Daredevil” sweatshirt. So great!

    Every year I think I should just send a picture of myself and say I am wearing a Kevin Smith costume. Maybe next year.

    Also, can we start a petition now that Hallloween 2013, Ron dresses up as the Honkey Tonk Man? That would kick major ass.

  20. Cooper Cooper says:

    A great bunch of costumes this year! Good work, iFanbase!

    I sadly didn’t get chance to go out this year, but my ladyfriend made an awesome Black Widow for her work party.

  21. blackcanary blackcanary says:

    Princess Batman is so freaking wonderful!!

    And those Court of Owls masks are so amazing! Very chilling.

  22. stuclach stuclach says:

    Those are some fantastic costumes. It’s unfortunate that Halloween was delayed/cancelled in the northeast. I hope everyone else had as much fun as my Adventure Time crew did.

  23. claynferno claynferno says:

    Thanks for the shout out, iFanboy! LeaguePodcast loves you guys!

  24. CaseyJustice CaseyJustice says:

    Princess Batman is clearly the best.