The people behind The Walking Dead are twisted. And by “people” I mean Robert Kirkman. Why do I say this? Well, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Image Comics and Skybound are releasing The Walking Dead: The Governor’s Special. Because what’s more romantic than sadism and psychopathy?

The Walking Dead: The Governor Special reprints The Walking Dead #27–the first appearance of The Governor–and The Governor short story from the CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012.

Here’s the regular cover:

THE WALKING DEAD Governor Special #1


If your valentine is into the whole variant thing–and really, who isn’t these days–then you’re in luck! There are two coming your way for this issue.

The first variant will be a limited to 3,000 copies and only available at Hastings Entertainment’s 137 stores across the south and western United States. Here’s the Hastings variant:

THE WALKING DEAD Governor Special #1 Hastings Variant


The second variant is exclusive to the Emerald City Comic-Con and will be available at the Skybound booth from March 1-3 for $10 and limited to 1,000 copies. Here’s the Emerald City Comic-Con variant:

THE WALKING DEAD Governor Special #1 ECCC green foil variant


The Walking Dead: The Governor’s Special hits stores next week and the The Walking Dead resumes its third season this Sunday!


  1. Any Walking Dead news is kind of a bummer to me as it will still be some years before Compendium #3 comes out. The good news is that I will have plenty of time to reread #1 and #2 before it does.

  2. Would be great if it offered new material instead of just some reprints. I bought the Michone special thinking it was gonna be new stuff, oh well…