Green Arrow Adds Yet Another Writer to His Quiver

When they said “New 52,” they weren’t kidding around.

DC is announcing over on their blog this afternoon that, for the third time in seven issues (as of this writing!) Green Arrow will be getting itself a new author. Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens were announced as replacements for J. T. Krul less than a month ago, taking over as of issue #4, but it seems their run was not meant to be a long one: the book’s new ongoing writer as of #7 will be fan favorite Ann Nocenti.

For those in need of a history lesson, Nocenti was a Marvel fixture during the eighties before leaving the game roughly a decade ago to pursue a career as a journalist and filmmaker. In comics circles, she’s probably best remembered for a revered, classic run on Daredevil with (among others) John Romita Jr. after Frank Miller left the book. Anyone who can follow Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil with a run that’s remembered as classic in its own right will probably do okay by Oliver Queen.


  1. Whoa! that’s kind awesome and unexpected! I have fond memories of Nocenti’s DD run. This could be a lot of fun.

    • I have the same thought. Might take a look when she takes over.

    • Agreed. Her DD run and her brief stint on Kid Eternity back in the early Vertigo days were really exciting/interesting comics. But the more I read about what she’s done outside of comics, the more I hope they give her plenty of creative freedom. This has the potential to be the second coming of those 70’s Green Arrow stories folks raved about.

  2. I’m not familiar with Ann Nocenti, but it is certainly glad to hear GA is getting a solid writer.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds very fun. I’ve read a little of Nocenti’s Daredevil, but not much. What I read was great.

  5. you see now thats a good get i loved her daredevil run good on dc i may jump back on ga i hate jt krulls writing

  6. yeah, they really need a solid hitter for GA someon to make it their own and rejuvinate it to Animal Man standards

  7. Exciting news! not familiar with Nocenti, but happy to have the Green Arrow in a book worth reading. So far I love how the DCU has Q-Core going up against Wayne Industries. Very neat indeed.

  8. I’m kind of excited about this. I loved her run on Daredevil, and of course she’s a former X-editor during the 80’s heyday. My only concern is that Harras seems to be more about putting his old Marvel buddies from the 80’s and early 90’s on titles than trying to tap new or upcoming talent. DC has lost some good writers to Marvel exclusives the last few years, I don’t understand why they think that putting older writers on titles, some good (I put Nocenti in this category), most not, will make sales go up, even if you want to focus on the art, having a good story to back it up can’t hurt!

  9. I only read a few issues of her Daredevil run, and they were pretty solid. Although she’s a curveball choice, I’m sure she can do so good work on this book.

  10. Instead of giving the book over to another relic from the 80’s/90’s, why don’t they give it to one of their up-and-coming guys? If you’re trying to hook in new readers and create excitement, I don’t see why these are the people they are going to. They’ve got guys like Edmonson and Costa, why not give them a shot? This is like if Marvel had decided to put Chris Claremont on Ultimate Spider-man instead of Bendis back in 2000.

  11. Anyone other than Krul

  12. I’ll check it out come issue 7 then.

  13. They should have asked her to write from the get-go

  14. Anything’s better than Krul. Green Arrow has always been one of my favourite characters, but I had to quit that book under Krul.

  15. One interesting consequence of this relaunch is the realization of how shallow the bullpens really are for the mainstream publishers when it comes to creative talent.

  16. I’m going to go with a Gene Colan question and ask: “Who is this?”.

    I know Jim said what she was remembered for….But what makes her standout, especially with Miller behind her, is what I’m curious about.

    • She created Typhoid Mary, which led to one of my favourite non-Bendis non-Miller DD stories ever. To this day I still find Mary Walker an interesting and complex character.

      She also brought up a lot of real-life issues in her DD run, and dealt with them in interesting ways. A lot of shades of gray. I can see that suiting Ollie down to the ground.

  17. Ugh, how could I forget?: She co-created Longshot with Arthur Adams. That original miniseries is all hers.

  18. Well this left field choice might be a good things to get this title on solid footing. No word on if the art team is leaving, Jurgens is spreading himself a little thin there, plus I wasn’t digging it. Now if she can gives us the Ollie that we have been missing.

  19. I kind of just feel bad for JT Krul now. I have never enjoyed his writing. How do you destroy a premise as fantastic sounding as Deathstroke’s Titans?

  20. I am too young to have read her Daredevil run, so I had to look her up on Wikipedia. From what I could find she is an intriguing choice. Seems like she has a controversial reputation for her progressive political beliefs, so it seems like a person that may be able to relate to Ollie quite well. Also, not to sound like one of those protesters dressed like Harley Quinn at the DC Nation panels, but it is nice to see DC hiring another woman writer. So, I’m looking forward to this.

  21. I’ll give it a shot, after passing on Green Arrow #’s 1 and 2… (Thru #7, I suppose.) After seeing the reviews, I’m not missing much.

  22. I read Daredevil from his days in San Francisco with Black Widow up to Frank Miller and beyond, and the person who got me to drop that title was… Ann Nocenti. With her cutesy and horrific Wildboyz, Ultron (WTF) fight, Typhoid Mary – worst villain ever, and awful DD trip to hell, these issues sit in a box not because I’ll reread them some day but as a lesson when to give up on a title instead of clinging to a beloved character being poorly written. Wait, that sounds a lot like Green Arrow.

    • As a nube to Nocenti, that has me a little worried now, haha. I too have put up with so many crappy Green Arrow stories because of my love for the character (luckily this is the only character I have this illogical weakness for). I’ll still give Notenti a shot for one issue… but if I’m not impressed I will cut and run.

  23. Thank god I was so dissappointed in this reboot I will give it a shot when she comes on board