Great Pages: X-MEN #98

From X-Men (Vol. 1) #98 (1976)

One of the joys of Marvel Comics is their willingness to put their fictional characters into real locations. This page, which has the new X-Men team hanging out in Rockefeller Plaza, is no exception. It gave readers a quintessential New York City Christmas backdrop and plopped the X-Men right in the middle of it. Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum gave their characters a brief moment of respite among their battles against aliens, Sentinels, evil mutants, and even other members of their own group. It’s a wonderful little scene full of friends, family, and good cheer. Of course, this being a superhero comic, the tranquility wouldn’t last long.

Dave Cockrum nailed the look of Rockefeller Plaza. He also kept our heroes looking distinct enough even though they are all in civilian garb, something that’s a bit harder than it looks. He also managed to sneak in a small Nick Fury cameo. Chris Claremont allowed his narration boxes to express his frustration with the recession that the United States was still mired in during the winter of 1975 though it ended on a hopeful note. Both found the true spirit of Christmas with this page and invited readers along for the festivities.


  1. I look at that and imagine Storm thinking sarcastically “You’re Welcome.”

  2. I LOVE that page.

  3. Starting with the “all new” team in that giant sized issue of x-men and continuing for the next five ears or so, the x-men comic was pretty much as good as comics get. Loved those old mid 70s issues, especially once John Byrne took over on art. Which isn’t o say Cockrum wasn’t great, as he is one of the best x artists ever.

  4. This is a beautiful page, i’m so getting in the Christmas mood right now 🙂

  5. Nick Fury and Vanessa (I think that was her name) in the picture along with Matt Murdock. Also someone with a cape on the ice (maybe supposed to be a joking version of doom?)

    Who has the mustache on the far left? A writer or a Tony Stark cameo?

  6. The art almost – almost – looks like Mike Allred. Not exaggerated enough in the backgrounds, but the people would fit in a Mike Allred book.

  7. I believe that is the very first (published) drawing of Wolverine without his mask. Cockrum took great delight in having his real hair exactly mimic the “fins” from the costume. Also, one of the girls Errol Flynn Nightcrawler is checking out is none other than Amanda Sefton, who goes on to be his girlfriend then sorceress then some other really confusing things…

  8. Beautiful. Takes me back to a great era of comics and X-Men.

  9. random nick fury photobomb?