Great Moments in Comics History: What If? #19

What If (Vol. 1) #19 (1980)

Just by adding a cape, Spider-Man’s outfit easily goes from day to night.


  1. Also, the original “Sexy Spider-Woman” Halloween Costumes…

  2. Was this the What-If comic where Spider-Man becomes a pimp?

  3. How did 15 year old, back-issue-hoarding me not know this existed? Going to search through longboxes immediately after work…

  4. What if? More like WTF. Sorry, Spidey, but the chick looks like a dude in drag.

  5. No capes!

  6. Spidey’s date looks like a young Granny Goodness

  7. Wotta crotch shot getting out of the limo!!!!

  8. Can someone please Photoshop the picture so Spidey is saying “FO’ SHIZZLE, PLAYAS!”

  9. How has this not been turned into a meme yet?

    Disappointing in you internet.