Great Moments in Comics History: Superman #20

Superman (Vol. 2) #20 (1988)

Who needs natural story progression and an internal integrity to a comics page when there are books to sell!


  1. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    “Yes, yes, it’s me. I know, I’m a god among men and blah, blah, blah. Get over it. Walk it off. I need answers!”

  2. ToddFrazier ToddFrazier (@toddfrazier) says:

    So the inability to avoid and up off cross over / event books have plagued comics for longer then we thought. Good moment and very relevant to current state of comic event books.

  3. ToddFrazier ToddFrazier (@toddfrazier) says:

    edit – “avoid and pull off successful crossover / event books” much like the above panels, I jumped ahead, sorry.

  4. spaceghost15 spaceghost15 says:

    Want to know what happend between these two panels? Well to F’ing bad!

  5. Pandaviagra Pandaviagra says:

    Must’ve been some picnic!

  6. kennyg kennyg says:

    At least they told readers what book to read. I remember picking up Final Crisis #7 and being like “WTF?!” I don’t recall it saying read Superman Beyond first. And no, I will NOT let that go!

  7. Nightwing97 Nightwing97 says:

    It’s comforting to know that DC has ALWAYS been shameless. :)

  8. Captyn Captyn says:

    Damn, I remember that – made me get Doom Patrol #10, though…

  9. It feels like this is someone reliving a Vietnam flashback. I’m guessing the next panel is Lana trying to make Clark stop crying.