Great Moments in Comics History: Sensation Comics #2

I think this is a trap.



  1. my god, that man’s head, it’s huge

  2. That seems sexist but at least Wonder Woman looks like a normal “woman” here instead of a 120lb woman with a DDD chest!

    • Everybody is great, including skinny busty women. Ha it seems funny I’d have to defend them, but on comics forums there’s like this backlash against them, where people want to say they don’t exist to justify saying comics are unrealistic. It’s a madnouse.

  3. Dizzy Dames… only in the 1940’s.

  4. This is the day that “What mummery is this?” made it’s way into my daily vocabulary.

  5. It is a trap, BUT FOR WHOM?

  6. Wow, I’m speechless after this one. But, mummery is a damn cool word!

  7. George RR Martin used mummery as the word for acting in the Song of Ice and Fire books. I thought he made it up.

  8. “… and we want men.”

    Really, Dianna? Really? This is the second week in a row I’ve been disappointed in you. First you’re dancing in the air and putting on a show for a cruise ship full of mainlanders, and now this ghastly performance? You should be ashamed of yourself. I expect more from you, Dianna. We all do.

  9. inb4 Admiral Ackbar

  10. Man that Nazi guy has a huge melon!

  11. I’m more concerned that Wonder Woman seemed to have broke her neck in the last panel.

  12. Why is Charles De Gaulle pointing that gun at Wonder Woman? Shouldn’t he just let that band walk all over him?